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  1. No, no fellow RR. It’s what they do.
  2. Good bloke is our Albi Wilbs. I remember him getting that crucial goal. Ollie must be well chuffed that Wanderers have climbed out of League 2 not least because the town has avoided being overrun by 1000s of the Great Unwashed next season.
  3. Maybe because he was the focal point of a plan that promised much but failed to deliver. He’d said he wanted to return as manager one day, was undoubtedly “well-connected” here so he was given the job based on that rather than a solid record of achievement. Then we witnessed all manner of strange selections, poor game management and the dreadful nonsense he spouted. No it shouldn’t be hateful but he set himself up for this as did those running the club. Reaching the play-offs once or twice when well placed would have helped a bit.
  4. Something for the CV. Achieved 3rd div play off semi-final. Result.? We had more box entries.
  5. I suspect “stylish” Ken Wimshurst was RB for that game. He was often tagged as such with Terry Bush “bustling”. Tony Ford probably injured. Must have been pretty serious. Hamstring? Run it off! With Ken there it would have been ParrConnorLow across the middle. Somehow still recall that as one word.
  6. If they ask right or left hamstring for the jab get outta there PDQ
  7. Were our "performances" too much of a strain for her?
  8. Did MK forget their kit and had to borrow........
  9. Anyone remember Les Wilson? 71-73 with City. Born in Manchester but family moved to Vancouver, Canada when he was 7y.o. Came to us from Wolves and looks like he’s had a good career in coaching & admin back in Canada. Wiki says he played 9 different positions for Wolves & they didn’t even have LJ as Head Coach. Square pegs etc. I remember when he signed for us it seemed quite “exotic”, a Canadian! We also had Chuck Drury but he just had a US kinda name
  10. Should read.....I didn’t have to work hard to become head coach of this football club but I’m finding it bloody hard work now. In fact, I’m not really up to it but the boss insists I stay.
  11. Usual “match day” experience?
  12. Is it world-beating or just worth £13.60? Did our Govt slip him the rest as he’s a good mate of xyz MP.
  13. Are you just after the food vouchers?
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