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  1. That’s what I thought but not even a mention of it !
  2. At what point did I say that I would request a refund instead of a stream ? My point was that many would and that given the financial position right now , that could and arguably should be a consideration when deciding who the next manager will be .
  3. Totally agree . There are wider issues particularly if faced with same options Re season tickets (refund/stream ) as this term. Appoint someone who will give the fans a bit of hope that we can take that next step and more will stream . Appoint Holden then just sit back and await the refunds instead .
  4. Interesting that fans returning in October ( in moderation) has been suggested as a possibility . Not sure what anyone else thinks but when it comes to making that decision whether to attend or not , I honestly don’t know how I’ll feel ( despite having already paid for my st next year )
  5. Really hoping this gets confirmed today . Would also love to perhaps see Glen Murray in a player/coach role join him . We could really do with a Wilbs mark 2 !!
  6. Totally agree . O’Driscoll, GJ, Mcinnes, Coppel and Cotts were not “Yes” men in any way so I think the thought that we only appoint “yes” men is well wide of the mark to be honest .
  7. Would be a travesty for Brentford to end up in the play off and lose to Cardiff 11 points behind them and a GD swing of -36 on Brentford . My Son just came up with a great shout . 1 extra point awarded at the end of the season for each block of +10 GD you end up on . Much like Rugby’s bonus points for try’s scored . At plus 43 The Bees would get 4 extra points to award their attacking football compared to WBA’s 3 seeing the Bees go up ! Would be a great way to reward attacking football and would stop sides killing the game when 2-0 up for example . Won’t happen but would be a great idea in my
  8. Can you imagine what we’d have achieved this season with Tinnion at his best in the centre of our midfield !!!! Just that thought confirms to me we are missing just the one key player !
  9. My concern is this : From Alan Dicks through to Lee Johnson . In the past 45 years we have NEVER appointed a single Manager with experience of managing at a higher level than the league in which we’re in at the time . That may go some way to explaining why we’ve been out of the top flight for 40 years. As a club we have nurtured a culture of mediocrity and we mustn’t repeat the same mistake again .
  10. Ashton can shove my season card where the sun don’t shine if he appoints his mate who has taken a previously up and coming side to 17th in League 1! Surely there can’t be any truth in this ?
  11. Never been a fan of Fammy but this season , especially off the bench he has made us better every time . I really hope we hold onto him and I never thought I’d hear myself say that
  12. Gregor indicated there would be quite a cull in his piece yesterday . I don’t think any of the following will be with us next season personally :( inc loans ending obviously) Maenpaa, Baker, Benkovic, Vyner, Korey, Eliasson, O’Dowda, Afobe, Watkins, Morrell, Williams, Fammy .
  13. Reckon we should hold fire to see if Pep leaves Man City at the end of the season . Let’s see how good he really is
  14. Erm ..... Steve McLaren yesterday turned down Dundee Utd as the job “came at the wrong time “ !!!! In other words , he’s had a better offer Watch this space folks .
  15. Baldyman


    If the season starts behind closed doors the club will have to surely offer the same options we’ve just been given ! If LJ is still there , there will be a deluge of refund requests from those who didn’t opt for that this time round !!
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