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  1. He’s saying that NP made that sub in anger and to flex his managerial muscles rather than making a sub to benefit the team !
  2. Horrendous management by Pearson . One mistake and you’re subbed after 30 mins !! Now have just one sub left due to the Manager having a hissy fit over 1 error !
  3. Always loved the effort put into the song we had for Norman Hunter to the tune of Amazing Grace . Literally contained one word repeated 14 times “ Norman “
  4. Funniest one I remember was “ my old man said be a Rovers fan , I said …… . My mum always mis heard that one and always thought it ended “Bob Bob Wallace you’re a ****” . I remember she eventually asked my old man who Bob Wallace was and why City fans didn’t like him !
  5. Sat next to a fella yesterday who wasn’t too keen on the quality of the songs at the Gate these days and it got me thinking of the chants of old . All time classics such as “ you’re gonna get your ******* heads kicked in” and “ you’ll never take the East End “ remind me of my formative years in the East End . My all time fav being the one about eating a dead cat from a dustbin , I just wondered what other little ditties are most missed from yester year ? Many for various reasons clearly won’t have aged well but just thought I’d throw the question out there !
  6. Absolutely gutted . As a young teenager in the 80’s , to me , he simply WAS Bristol City . Without his passion and drive we could have disappeared completely.
  7. No one seems to be asking why they were laughing and hugging an opponent within seconds of the game ending ? I mean , do either of them look like they give a flying @@@@ that we’ve just put on an abject performance?
  8. I’d have banned them any way just for laughing and joking with an opposition player after such a poor performance!
  9. Yes !!!!! What a peach of a goal !!!
  10. Swansea will have 8 left on the pitch by half time if they carry on like this !
  11. No . First time in 15 years not renewed . My Son’s in his final year at Uni and will rarely get back for games and I can’t stand going on my Jack Jones . Taking a season off until he’s back .
  12. I guess what we’re wondering here is did Callum have a melt down on the pitch rather than an injury ? It must happen more than we as fans realise . Hope not but wish him all the best if so . It happens in every high pressure workplace every day so why not on a football pitch ?
  13. Baldyman


    Saw a side from him I hadn’t spotted before . Leadership ! He berated his colleagues a few times in the first 20 mins gee-ing them up and trying to speed the game up . Love Kalas but as Captain he’s just not vocal enough on the pitch . Nagy as a future Captain perhaps and midfield is always in my view the best position to lead a team from !
  14. So today , Bristol football will most likely move from messrs Tisdale and Holden to messrs Pearson and Barton ! For their own health I’d strongly suggest that Wally and Ashton just let them get on with it
  15. Totally agree with the above . Add to that giving the captaincy to someone other than Kalas . Great player but not vocal enough on the pitch for that role.
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