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  1. You’re right , the whole culture of the women’s game is different. However we need to wake up and learn from the women’s game rather than minimalise their achievements! A whole tournament without half the fans trying to kill each other . Very little of the blatant cheating and diving we see in the mens game . A game not yet wrecked by the greed of players , agents and TV companies plus openly gay and straight players in every team and it just doesn’t matter . I think our game needs to learn things from the womens game personally because all that’s good in their version of the game is what’s wrong with ours !
  2. Totally agree . I really don’t get his point . When Laura Trott( Kenny) , Kelly Holmes , Nicola Adams etc etc won all their gold medals , did we question. Their value because they didn’t compete against Chris Hoy , Seb Coe or Flloyd Mayweather ? Just share the joy and embrace it eh !
  3. Trust me , I did but tended to shut my eyes from 79 onwards ! It was too painful
  4. Roger Malone would have had a coronary on the spot
  5. Oh and there goes the top !!! I love this game
  6. Gonna give up on the Championship and start watching womens footy instead . It’s like watching football in the 70’s if all the games are as dirty as this
  7. Get in you beauty ! The physicality in the Womens game has always been sited as a negative but this game has been brutal ! Come On England , don’t let this slip
  8. I stand corrected ! Thought Bournemouth came down last year but it was the year before I guess .
  9. 31 year old man from Nottingham arrested already ! Good news .
  10. Really happy for Forest . The 3 teams relegated from the Prem last year ALL going straight back up would have been a horrendous outcome . Really hope they get past Huddersfield !
  11. Ex Hearts player becoming Hibs manager ??? Good luck with that one Lee . Better call Matty Taylor to borrow his tin hat
  12. A bit of common sense from the bench and we could have see the game out . 1 min of injury time left and we still had two subs to bring on . Who in their right mind doesn’t use that to eek out that last 60 seconds ?
  13. Sorry to spoil a bit of blind hatred Major but : yes he brought in an entire new first team BUT the guy did it with fifteen FREE transfers didn’t he ? If NP gets us anywhere near the top 10 next season with fifteen free transfers he’ll be hailed as the messiah !
  14. Ladies . If your hubby to be turned up for the big day in a pair of trainers , wouldn’t you be slightly concerned he was planning on legging it ?
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