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  1. Not condoning the abuse at all but this will unfortunately never go away until the day he retires and he must surely have expected it after his poppy refusal. I believe his actions have even been questioned in Ireland given that 50000 Irish soldiers died in WW1 alone . He has every right to say how he feels and with him being a Derry boy , I do get it but surely he’s not so naïve that he didn’t expect his stance to have consequences?
  2. You’re right , the whole culture of the women’s game is different. However we need to wake up and learn from the women’s game rather than minimalise their achievements! A whole tournament without half the fans trying to kill each other . Very little of the blatant cheating and diving we see in the mens game . A game not yet wrecked by the greed of players , agents and TV companies plus openly gay and straight players in every team and it just doesn’t matter . I think our game needs to learn things from the womens game personally because all that’s good in their version of the game is what’s wrong with ours !
  3. Totally agree . I really don’t get his point . When Laura Trott( Kenny) , Kelly Holmes , Nicola Adams etc etc won all their gold medals , did we question. Their value because they didn’t compete against Chris Hoy , Seb Coe or Flloyd Mayweather ? Just share the joy and embrace it eh !
  4. Trust me , I did but tended to shut my eyes from 79 onwards ! It was too painful
  5. Roger Malone would have had a coronary on the spot
  6. Oh and there goes the top !!! I love this game
  7. Gonna give up on the Championship and start watching womens footy instead . It’s like watching football in the 70’s if all the games are as dirty as this
  8. Get in you beauty ! The physicality in the Womens game has always been sited as a negative but this game has been brutal ! Come On England , don’t let this slip
  9. I stand corrected ! Thought Bournemouth came down last year but it was the year before I guess .
  10. 31 year old man from Nottingham arrested already ! Good news .
  11. Really happy for Forest . The 3 teams relegated from the Prem last year ALL going straight back up would have been a horrendous outcome . Really hope they get past Huddersfield !
  12. Ex Hearts player becoming Hibs manager ??? Good luck with that one Lee . Better call Matty Taylor to borrow his tin hat
  13. A bit of common sense from the bench and we could have see the game out . 1 min of injury time left and we still had two subs to bring on . Who in their right mind doesn’t use that to eek out that last 60 seconds ?
  14. Sorry to spoil a bit of blind hatred Major but : yes he brought in an entire new first team BUT the guy did it with fifteen FREE transfers didn’t he ? If NP gets us anywhere near the top 10 next season with fifteen free transfers he’ll be hailed as the messiah !
  15. Ladies . If your hubby to be turned up for the big day in a pair of trainers , wouldn’t you be slightly concerned he was planning on legging it ?
  16. Yes he’s signed a good number , almost all on a free and moved just as many on too . I just think that bearing in mind about 70% of Gas fans were against him before a ball was even kicked , he’s shown what a hard nosed bar steward he really is ! ( not withstanding the car crash that is never too far around the corner with him )
  17. Have to confess , I thought Joey Barton was going to crash and burn this season , especially with the court case as a massive distraction. Hate to say it but the guy is doing an incredible job on a zero budget and has given them a real chance of the play offs !! Bugger
  18. 100 % ! I’ve felt for the past 2 seasons that Kalas is an issue . Way too quiet and “ leading by example “ isn’t enough . We need an on field “ manager” and we simply don’t have one . Think back to the likes of Flint, Shaun Taylor , and Louis Carey . Real vocal leaders on the pitch . Beacons that the younger lads can rely on .
  19. Very true . I’ve still got my FRT scarf with all the players names on from that day plus my Bristol City Pride of the West flag ! Even got the cassette recording with Jonathan Pearce commentating somewhere .
  20. Nah , I’ll pick up a programme when we get to the final next season
  21. Yep ! I’ve not been to the gate since Forest at home having barely missed a home game in the previous 40 years . This division has just killed my passion for the game . We can’t compete at this level under the Lansdown ownership as they simply make the same mistakes decade after decade . Just 4 or 5 years ago I just couldn’t imagine feeling this way but after these past few years football has ceased to matter like it used to
  22. Surely this renders the Championship as untenable? How can it be fair for two teams to be forced to play behind closed doors at home yet face 20k crowds away ?
  23. Can only assume that venues WITH A CAPACITY OF 10k would be the measure as you can’t predict whether 9,999 or 10,001 will turn up unless pay on the day is scrapped throughout football ! On that basis I guess clubs like Wrexham , Notts County and Grimsby in the National league will require passports whereas many League 1 clubs and maybe even Luton in the championship may not !
  24. Just downloaded the NHS app . It takes five days for your vaccination record to pull through it seems ! Probably add a few more days to that with 10 million sports fans all downloading it !!
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