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  1. All this Nazi talk reminds of this guy...
  2. Mike Stowell was a solid keeper (definitely much better than “Flapper”). A shame we only had him in his twilight years though.
  3. Seinfeld is genius - probably the best sitcom ever and one of the best TV shows ever! Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The X-Files are brilliant shows and definitely worth watching if anyone hasn’t seen them before.
  4. We’ve still got a good chance if Stokes and Buttler can stay in past the 40th over. Tough, but not impossible.
  5. An awful performance from Joshua, just so slow and robotic. He really looks all over the place when put under pressure, and his movement and stamina is a major concern too. Great credit to Ruiz Jr though, brilliant performance from him.
  6. Whatever you think of Wilder as a boxer, he has amazing speed and power. Not sure Joshua would have got up from that punch...
  7. I've always thought DeGale was overrated but he's clearly past his prime now. Eubank completely bullied him from start to finish.
  8. We've still only scored more than one goal in a single match at home ONCE this season. Absolute dog shite.
  9. A shame that Brook lost but his left eye looked really bad. Spence looks like the real deal. Pleased that Groves has finally won a world title fight
  10. A great fight, probably the best heavyweight fight since Lewis/Klitschko back In 2003. Absolutely thrilled for AJ. Showed great heart in there after looking unsteady in the middle rounds (I honestly thought he was done after the knockdown!). I have to say fair play to both Joshua and Klitschko. Showed class inside and outside the ring.
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