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  1. Very encouraging interview
  2. Unfortunately shameless self promotion and bluster goes a long way these days.
  3. Serious questions need to be asked
  4. Quite damning for KP in particular.
  5. The frustrating bit is that we’ve been overpaying but in a risk averse way. Signing ‘proven’ like Wells when a bit more investment could’ve seen someone like Toney at the club. At least with Ashton gone and Pearson here the Lansdowns can be under no illusions as to the hole we’re in.
  6. Very nice song. A real ear worm
  7. Quite likely. Misguided signing who never wanted to be here. Would’ve been better off keeping and playing Joe Morrell.
  8. Definitely has put himself in the shop window. I can see him going to Germany or Italy for €2m or so.
  9. Even if we have to pay part of the salary he’ll be gone on loan. Can’t see him getting much game time in BS3.
  10. Nagy and Palmer on their way out imo
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