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  1. Definitely has put himself in the shop window. I can see him going to Germany or Italy for €2m or so.
  2. Even if we have to pay part of the salary he’ll be gone on loan. Can’t see him getting much game time in BS3.
  3. Nagy and Palmer on their way out imo
  4. At home with a Butcombe 9 pint keg and 2 packs of giant Wotsits. Can’t get down the pub as looking after the little ‘uns.
  5. This stain on the club must be expunged and expiated.
  6. Ruins so many lives shouldn’t be promoted freely on sports shirts, tv ads etc. Especially online gambling. Shameful that SL and the club would stoop so low.
  7. Also the money tree. Messages and Easter eggs galore IMO.
  8. Absolute minimum I would expect. Hoping NP gives the whole squad a beasting first day of pre-season. Week long survival exercise on Dartmoor or something. Goodbye easy street.
  9. Wax on wax off kemo sabe
  10. Worried that this frog is boiling.
  11. There’s something about this that screams jelly and ice cream. The Club are well shot of both of these.
  12. Not as exciting as Christian Ribeiro’s appearance on Homes Under the Hammer.
  13. They said that about Platini too. On the main topic this is hubris on a grand scale. The atmosphere at these games will be dull, half full stadiums and tourists on their iPads. We’ve seen during covid that football without fans is greatly diminished so beyond a period of initial interest and hype this breakaway will ossify and lose out to superior national championships. Eventually this will follow through to tv revenue. The clubs will lost connection with new fans locally, basically becoming a rugby barbarians or Harlem globetrotters playing exhibition matches no one cares about. Let them go as far as I’m concerned. #thismeansmore
  14. Lansdown’s legacy needs to be gifting a % of the club permanently to the fans.
  15. Reading Holden’s and O’Neil’s comments on this it’s clear that no-one in football except for the person(s) who appointed Dean as Head Coach thought for even a second it was the right time in his career to be stepping into a role like that.
  16. Mentions players with unfulfilled ability, perhaps he was briefed by MA about JET.
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