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  1. sorry mate, i was referring to squad just being a cut above that level in general - hence why I went on to say with or without Wilbraham I think we'd have still gone up that season, something which I absolutely standby
  2. 2 x signings in the same window for what was an already formidable team in that league?? - Freeman, Korey & Matt Smith, JET, Tavernier etc.. Wilbraham scored plenty that season fair game but we were going up with or without them IMO. Happy to change my 'never' comment to 'rarely' if you'll take that?
  3. Christ how many older players have we signed over the last few years to provide that 'experienced head' that have turned out to be ******* useless.. Danny Simpson, Chris Brunt, Gary O'Neil, Jody Morris. It never bloody works for us signing the experienced general type players
  4. Fair play to the boy though for going out and seeking first team football - the club have done the right thing by him and allowed him to go try and make the best of what is a short career.. Be interesting to see if he moves back up the pyramid quickly.
  5. Seen as an inconvenience until at least the Quarters, if not the Semis... It's a shame for me the Domestic Cup competitions aren't held in a high regard by clubs anymore
  6. christ sake i was only half joking this is f****** ridiculous.
  7. I care less about the performance than I do about breaking this home hoodoo. Will happily take a statistical battering if it means we nick a 1-0 win! I don't care how it comes we just really need to win at home
  8. Wouldn't like to place a bet on who's going to score for us tonight...
  9. Just seen the highlights from one of my favourite away days back in '09 - We did them 2-0 and it felt like a home game the atmosphere in the away end that day!
  10. All I want for us to finish this game with a sense of optimism for the next.. Been a while since that's happened!
  11. Equality mate.. It's opinions and outdated views like yours holding everybody back.
  12. It's the closest we're going to get to a European fixture for some time so perhaps £10 isn't so bad
  13. a path to getting knocked out by either Denmark or the Czech's regardless whether we beat Germany or not
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