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  1. Perhaps they're leaving it long enough for us to experience that 'new manager bounce' come the first game of the season...
  2. Hummel knock it out of the park with every single design, haven't seen a bad one yet.
  3. Reeks of the time Harry Redknapp was a 'shoe-in' for the England job before Roy Hodgeson was appointed! I therefore expect to see Michael Flynn announced within the hour.
  4. WWred


    This exactly, through the middle his work rate alone will be far more useful and effective. Personally always been a fan of the lad and I think there's always room for a player that'll work had hard as he does in the team. Fingers crossed playing through the middle will bring more out of him product wise.
  5. I understood he's waiting for the right club to come along. One predominantly that will be stable. Birmingham are not stable.
  6. Scenes when we beat Swansea away
  7. Our recent form at the Riverside on the whole has been surprisingly good, In turn this makes me no more optimistic whatsoever.
  8. To be honest i'd imagine the odds actually being quite short on this
  9. Not exactly difficult at the moment. Looking forward to a final day showdown to determine 12th place
  10. Their reviews are exactly why I wasn't sad to see him move on! Never the sort of Central midfielder that will take any Championship club to the next level
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