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  1. What happened to bring 2 mates tickets £10 each?
  2. I just went on rewards cash payment method, no results found, but when I click on a item in the shop then proceed to checkout it says rewards cash ( Balance : £5.61 then ask if you want to Redeem. So does it also take 10% off season Card?
  3. So I when bought the full child kit with my Season Card (£50) they said £5 Would go back on my Season Card but i still can't see it on the Bristol City App?
  4. So with a season ticket I can move seats twice per season, so If I do both mates rates games can I also move seats a third time for the Preston game if I want to take my nephew?
  5. Full child outfit £60.00 What a joke!
  6. Is the the alcohol fit for purpose in the Rising Sun, and the football ground?
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