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  1. Why so sure? I mean you spend hours instructing us all on here about just about everything . and yet you seem so certain about this without putting any detail on why you think this is not possible, except that it all depends on Kalas and Brownhill and Nagy staying fit, Brownhill probably will not even be here beyond January. And yet we are in a January window, we could strengthen greatly, and add that Afobe just might make a huge difference in the run in..... But you say we are not finishing 4th, and yet we are in touching distance, 57 points to play for.... and very well placed, crazy negative stuff.
  2. Oh! look another nause thread just to amplify how poor we are as a team, how poor the manager is and so on and on and on...well thankfully I am sure some of you can post up on the Rovers Dustbin thread to laugh at them, just to make us look a whole lot better. So fickle.
  3. He was forced to play more games than was planned due to injuries. He need to develop and will, need a bit of perspective on here.
  4. My, how time fades memories, to have supported City for 62 years and currently never felt so despondent. I was with you very much alive and kicking living in Swindon, and remember just getting hammered by Northampton to go bottom of the old 4th. I and the team survived that and so will we this.
  5. Down Tools? Yep but you should know all about loyalty, or the lack of it.
  6. For some reason he makes me cringe, wouldn't trust him to write anything other than to please the BP Editor, and that paper is just the pits.
  7. This epic thread gets less and less relevant by the day.. ...
  8. Never a truer word, but not sexy enough for us is it? The defence is an utter shambles of a unit, yesterday was an outrage we handed the points the the Bees , Hunt is a liability in defence, Williams past his best, we content ourselves in picking up scraps that no one else wants. Truth is we are shambolic with recruitment, no plans it seems, no idea, and the occasional gems we make deflated and frustrated, in Massengo and Nagi we have real talent, the heart of the team should be built around the latter especially. Add to the awful managing a game...well, even my Missus would have adjusted the formation after Williams sending off, eye watering stupidity, that alone should cost him his job. Enough already!!!
  9. Well we will go on a winning run, we always do, if you were City you would know these things.
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