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  1. Embarrassed by your weak bladder?

    Yes I gathered you like a drop or two, given your name.... I used to drink quite heavily, like most young blokes, especially in the forces, it was dirt cheap back then, can you imagine 10p a pint ? Bahrain was mental even cheaper...but booze is a real problem, and I hardly touch a drop now...seen to many lives go off the rails. If I had a pint before any match I would be up and down like a yo-yo. You know what they say? Southampton for the Continent..Bournemouth for the incontinent
  2. Embarrassed by your weak bladder?

    But they are ST super fans, they own us,
  3. Not at all surprised had 0.0 written all over this one.
  4. Trouble vs Wall!!!!!!!!??????

    Doubt if she was offended by proxy, it's the anti police attitude on here that personally I find obnoxious, looks like the old ways are still alive and kicking. When will football fans ever act as responsible humans? That is the reason the clubs are forced to spend a fortune on protecting the average supporter who just wants to go to a game of football. There is a huge disregard to the Police, and that was played out in that clip, hard to shift the blame on the Police, just keeping folk safe.
  5. Trouble vs Wall!!!!!!!!??????

    Good, pleased for you..
  6. Trouble vs Wall!!!!!!!!??????

    I'm fine it's the swear filter that has the problem ...you wan manual manipulator.
  7. Trouble vs Wall!!!!!!!!??????

    Well done you got a few likes and a big fat guffaw from that idiot Loon manual manipulator, go tell ya Mum you done good to-dayxxx
  8. Trouble vs Wall!!!!!!!!??????

    You got a nerve....you obviously have a political standpoint that has nothing to do with this incident, it's just an excuse for you and I am ashamed to say others on here to have a go at the cops. Of course they are not perfect, no one is , you will get the odd one that is having a bad day at the office, but what's your excuse? Don't worry Julie he won't go anywhere near any potential trouble, that kind never will, but he might be the first to condemn the so called Horse Punchers and speel on and and on and on and on about that. Thank God some have the balls to put themselves into protecting the public, you and yours are doing all right, 'they' have the problem.
  9. Trouble vs Wall!!!!!!!!??????

    Of course he might have a temper, what a pathetic comment, the officer might have a shorter fuse than others, so what? It 's the sum of the whole that matters, that Police Cordon was well managed, if we are to be nit picking hand wringing liberals about this I really fear for our safety, too much 'frightened to police' as it is, of course the alternative rather than a baton might be a bullet.
  10. Trouble vs Wall!!!!!!!!??????

    You calling a police officer a pig is bang out of order. Yes we live in a democracy, and certainly we can't allow the rule of the mob, so take your foul comments with you why don't you and go to a country that would be better suited to your self, that would tolerate you and others on here, wherever that might be. Perhaps we might start a list of countries , I will let you go first. 1.
  11. Morrell

    In what way you cheeky little gamer? I have seen it all at City, the ups and downs I have been there when we beat Pompey to go up, and seen us plummet to the very bottom of the football league, I even moved to back Bristol when we were promoted to the top flight. Too many scars to count along the way.... Sooo give it your best shot kid
  12. Morrell

    And you had the temerity to call me deluded
  13. Morrell

    FIFA 18 ?
  14. Games on Christmas eve (Merged)

    It's the TV figures not the crowds they care about. Bad idea imo, I would like to see no football at all at Christmas, enough stress as it is.
  15. Flint and Johson get September Player and manager award

    Owned ha ha ha !
  16. England players and City

    I was thinking whilst watching that dross, that City could carve more openings than England, and probably I would be right. Of course on paper the England players are better players, but that is debatable in some cases. City are a 'team' that knows each others game, England tonight were not. But this is typical you, very anti City, get over the fact Lee is going nowhere... just yet. I was also thinking England manager, but will leave that one hanging, you have taken bit of a beating already tonight.
  17. Bristol City on FIFA 18 (Merged)

    You call 'Troll' when you realise that you cannot argue anymore, I put up a good reason as to why that now and in the future English Football will decline and you post this garbage, I gave reasons why I can comment because I was a part of the problem if you will, but you cannot see that can you? I am trying to be honest, and you are really up to your neck in all this ludicrous gaming rubbish you have lost all sense of reason. Wow it's worse than I thought. Seek help!!
  18. Bristol City on FIFA 18 (Merged)

    Or we just can use our eyes?
  19. Bristol City on FIFA 18 (Merged)

    You said it, it's a COMPUTER Doh!!!!
  20. Bristol City on FIFA 18 (Merged)

    You make my point better than I ever could...50 years and counting...the countries you mention don't have youth that are 10% obese, Next?
  21. Bristol City on FIFA 18 (Merged)

    Nonsense, come back when you can compose a decent reply without getting personal, that really does prove to me you have run out of excuses and it's that's the fall back option. All I was saying regarding fishing is that it is something to actually engage in real time, as is a real game of football, as anything would be, not playing games on a computer, no that is really boring and depressing, I know I have done it, so I feel your pain.
  22. Bristol City on FIFA 18 (Merged)

    There is no single of proof I can give, but I can give you the facts as to child obesity, and that it is rising, about 10% of 10-13 year old are officially obese, due to a poor diet of too much fatty foods and lack of exercise. That is a staggering amount, when I was at school a 'fat' child was quite a rarity, but we did eat less and play more, that is certain. I am not knocking the development of these game, it's a natural progression, as said I was very much there at the start, and with three young boys growing up in the 80's it was a priority for them, but they did play real football, and did all the things that kids do, cycle rides walks etc, but the youth of today are very much more less inclined to do that, hence the increase in obesity. It doesn't require much thought to recognise this will impact on the National game in time, well probably not in time, but already has, sure you can point to Germany as being successful and even France, but I can only suggest that Germany has a better understanding of control, and with France a lot of their top players probably never had the luxuries of such games and came from impovrished backgrounds as are South American footballers too, with street / beach football being an every day thing. Learning how to control/ kick a ball at a young age has a huge benefit to an aspiring footballer, and to already possess this skill before playing for a club has a huge advantage. At the moment I can't think of a true footballing legend that did not come from a tough background..can you? See that's my point.
  23. Bristol City on FIFA 18 (Merged)

    Of course I can't 'prove' it, but that's the first comment a guilty man makes ''prove it!! I am afraid the wight of evidence is overwhelming in favour of me. Fact is we need to get the kids playing football on grass, not a computer screen, how can anyone argue with that? But they will, the flabby game players will
  24. Bristol City on FIFA 18 (Merged)

    Pretty much follows that by not actively playing the game at a young age will reflect badly on the game Nationally, well just look at the record,since 1966, not saying that we have to ditch such games, but I get concerned that some treat games as the real thing, and try and justify it, they can't. Right fish wrong size, I only photograph 'doubles' . Keeping on the fish theme, England are plummeting down FIFA rankings, and will soon be the 'minnows' I am sure, no matter though we can all be winners on FIFA 17 if we keep exercising our thumbs rather than our feet, sad innit?
  25. Bristol City on FIFA 18 (Merged)

    See all the gamer tits have all rubbished this, touched a nerve have I football nerds?