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  1. Apparently the last time a team had two 0-7 victories in the same season was Liverpool in the 1890s.
  2. Best performance for a long time and now we can concentrate on concentrating.
  3. Of course, I'd forgotten in the disappointment of the penalty.
  4. Huddersfield don't look like a side without an away win since September do they?
  5. it was no more than a shoulder-to-shoulder contact which is something I know all about." Sounds like an admission of something....now what could that be ....hmmmmm???
  6. Wow!!! Either he is very stupid or has been badly advised or both
  7. So, he used the guy's nationality as part of the abuse.....does that "aggravate" the original offence?
  8. Hope it doesn't lead to a red as we need 11 on the pitch today
  9. I can get it but it keeps 'buffering' (not sure that is the right term)
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