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  1. surprised steve has allowed this to happen. he needs to get more involved and sort this mess out.
  2. i know money is tight but swap palmer for dean. and try and get a fullback in on loan. go with new fullback/wingback. Dean if he was signed kalas and Atkinson with pring on the left Not vyner. two many mistakes in him. it want happen so Zac will play then prey.
  3. super nige needs to get the selection right on sat against Fulham. if not we could end up getting the same as Reading. coyr
  4. where in my post did i say get rid of the manager. i asked why we had two keepers on the bench.
  5. sorry the way the money is at the club a cup run would have been so important. win ugly then get a big club on tv in round 4. would have been worth so much. but people are ok with an improved performance and we lost. i know i will get slagged off(again,) but so be it.
  6. i would like to see us bring a striker in before the Fulham game. lack of goals is costing us so much. a top striker and we would have won yesterday. A cup run would have been good for the coffers. i know money is tight.
  7. Brittan. Danny Simpson. Pearson. Morton. just to name a few
  8. Sorry if i have missed something but why did we have two keepers on the bench.
  9. Hopefully a couple of signings brought in this week. Have a nasty feeling a big offer for Alex could come in. The lad is a massive talent.
  10. No i am not ian. I respect ian for his opinions. good on him for having them. The problem on here is there are people who dont know there own minds but wait for me and others to have a comment then find it in themselves to slag us off. as for going backwards i think under Pearson we are. only my opinion.
  11. abuse. i said its my opinion. i dont agree with people on here but i dont call them names. if having an opinion then i surpose i am a dick and thick.
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