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  1. strange how joe can play for wales in the euros but cant get a game for luton and before them city. mind as with alot of players johnson never gave him a chance. good luck joe have a great tournament.
  2. i hope he gets promoted. good manager and a decent man.
  3. Data on a player. what aload of crap. go out and watch players. can you imagine clough . Sir Alex and many others picking players because of some data.
  4. if he is on 25k a week which I doubt then what club would want to pay him that much. i would think none. players have to be sensible with there demands.
  5. i take on board its still only may. i take also someone says i panic. well with the amount of players we have let go yes i am worried. but time will tell.
  6. we have let alot of players leave this season. do we think nigel has players lined up if not we are taking a massive risk.
  7. For those that are interested Richard is being interviewed on sky cricket this lunch time. it will be lunch at the Surrey game or if there is a rain break.
  8. who are the scouts does anyone know. i now Mervyn Day was one until he left. was he replaced.
  9. i know alot of players will be leaving this summer and i get the reasons why. money injuries and all that. one thing that does concern me are we going to find better players than Baker pato walsh and so on. it could cost alot of money. i do know these players have been injured. i am thinking when they are fit to play.
  10. i think 3 mil plus add ons will be a good deal for us. but who is dealing with transfers
  11. with the right medical team in place then i think Nathan is worth another contract or be it on reduced terms. we need him over the likes of Zac. i hope Zac proves me wrong but i dont think he is a championship defender.
  12. I like Gregor he gets good information to us city fans. not easy interviewing nigel. the man gives nothing away. i do think he is waiting for the game to be over on Saturday then he might say a bit more. keep up the good work Gregor
  13. a joke coming from a millwall player. city fans will remember that next time he comes to ashton gate.
  14. top man Phil. met him a few times on city away games. be nice if someone could let us know how he is keeping
  15. another one of lee johnson signings that never got a chance
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