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  1. does anyone know the length of contract joe is on. thank you.
  2. might be on my own. i don't think he offers enough. Very over rated.
  3. i agree no need to rush him back. we hopefully have joe williams back fit. A fit joe is like having a new signing.
  4. A fit joe williams is a class player. i would have him along side Matt james against Millwall
  5. will get fitter if he plays.
  6. hi. does anyone know a e.mail address so i can get in touch with Brian Tinnion at the club. cheers
  7. RIP Jimmy. A fantastic footballer and an even better person.
  8. hope Nige gives him a good run. i for one dont want zac in the team
  9. fair play a very good win. but i have said this week its all about home wins.
  10. Clubs dont seem to want Chris Wilder. Done a good job at Sheffield United. seems strange.
  11. Davef give it a rest lad. you are embarrassing yourself.
  12. Thats what makes him good to watch.
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