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  1. i think gregor does a good job. i feel nigel needs to be more open with the gregor as its the only way the fans get to know what is going on.
  2. agree with most about the team. would love to see a big powerful centre forward. People on here wont agree but we will miss Fam. in both boxes. time will tell.
  3. ask nige. nice to see some have an opinion
  4. Does anyone have any idea why Dan Bentley has not started at least one of the 2 friendly matches. Seems very strange your No one keeper is on the side lines. does not look injured when he appears in the training videos. massive lose if he is off to pastures new.
  5. i think Gregor is doing a good job. cant imagine Pearson is easy to deal with.
  6. is micky Bell part of the coaching team
  7. he has not shown city the form he shows for Hungary. For what reason who knows
  8. we desperately need a target man
  9. another one never given a chance by johnson.
  10. ok injured last season but before never given a chance by johnson. a million pound plus wages wasted by him.
  11. i think the tennis is a better option than listening to phil and Holly.
  12. as a fan of city for many many years. i am getting fed up with all the England and the Euros stuff on Tv. i want England to win but every time i turn on the tv all it is. its getting boring. Tv and radio is off until the KO. i know i sound boring. am i alone in this. waiting to get hammered for this comment
  13. cundy to Gillingham Taylor Moore to sunderland who knows.
  14. if we sign Atkinson then it has to be a 3 at the back kalas baker Atkinson. looks very solid. Zac i am not convinced is good enough but only my opinion.
  15. does no one want wilder
  16. steve is in town so some deals could happen soon.
  17. you might be right about him not playing 3 st the back. with kalas Baker and possibly Atkinson thrn i can see Taylor moore going.
  18. the defence if he can get Atkinson in looks very strong on paper. simpson. Atkinson Kalas Baker and jay. if they stay fit.
  19. heard the interview. what a nice guy and sounds really pleased to be at city. welcome Matt
  20. does anyone know if jeff was at Ashton Gate yesterday for the match. also i wonder if Helen Chamberlain was with the Torquay fans.
  21. if thats who nige wants then we have to pay the price
  22. if Rob Atkinson is the man nige wants then pay the fee and get it done.
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