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  1. A fit joe williams is a class player. i would have him along side Matt james against Millwall
  2. will get fitter if he plays.
  3. hi. does anyone know a e.mail address so i can get in touch with Brian Tinnion at the club. cheers
  4. RIP Jimmy. A fantastic footballer and an even better person.
  5. hope Nige gives him a good run. i for one dont want zac in the team
  6. fair play a very good win. but i have said this week its all about home wins.
  7. Clubs dont seem to want Chris Wilder. Done a good job at Sheffield United. seems strange.
  8. Davef give it a rest lad. you are embarrassing yourself.
  9. Thats what makes him good to watch.
  10. Just watched this match on sky. what a fantastic game of football. ASM what a football player he is. if only we could see football like that at the city ground
  11. Apart from young lads we dont really have any options to change things up front. should have got a striker in. instead of wasting money on simpson who was not in the squad at all against luton. i know money is tight but we should be looking at the free agent market. the last 2 home games showed me we need to do something
  12. Davefevs i thought u were above some of these on here.
  13. no not seen him play as i had not seen Atkinson. He comes very highly thought of from people in the game.. so why not give him a start. cant be any worse than the currant right backs.
  14. yeah sorry i saw it and been in touch with them.
  15. Hi can someone tell me how do you get in touch with the people that run this forum please
  16. Thank you Watts for your support. nice to see you take time to reply. even if your last word let u down. if i am saying stuff you dont like why reply. But then it is a forum
  17. Top Tobin. I get that they slag me off for who i am. i only put on hear the facts as i see it. They dont know me personally its a forum which is all about opinions not the person. i get they miss that.
  18. sorry for being negative. really enjoy our home form the results are good the football is positive and a pleasure to watch. before you jump all over it i am joking. lighten up. is that better Galley is king. is that shite to use your word.
  19. facts. is that negative shite. really
  20. To be fair i am only saying it as it is. sorry people if u think our home form is good enough. easy pleased some of u. i dont think it is good enough. what is wrong with posts that are true. after all it is a fans forum. Some on hear think nige is doing a good job. i don't. but like i say its a forum. where people have there opinions. I hope it gets better so we can enjoy watching city at the gate.
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