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  1. Maybe the guy needs a little bit of luck to go his way, sure we have a good player lets all wish him well in getting fit.
  2. sure is played for Taunton JPL a few seasons ago one t watch
  3. Each to their own opinion, think they will be there or about the top when it comes to the finish.
  4. First saw him playing for Plymouth whilst in the navy great player RIP PAUL
  5. Somerset cricket club use the blackbird song.
  6. First match was boxing day 1952/1953 season we won 5 nil if my memory serves me right. Watched the band march down Bedminster road then off to football with my grandad uncle a father, think the side we played was Southend. remember a guy playing called Rogers and a German guy, I think Rogers was the father of David Rogers who played center half for us in later years. both very physical players what we could do with now.
  7. Food for thought on all the above comments it's nice to dream, and think of the parachute payments.
  8. After last nights results can't see Robbins leaving Cov.
  9. As a supporter of 67 years, and seen us get to the top tier once before I really don't think I will see us reach the prem in my time but I feel it's about time we put all the turds on the table and sorted them out. WE CANNOT KEEEP DOING MORE OF THE SAME AND EXPECT SOMETHING DIFFERENT.
  10. Looking at last nights game cant fault him for effort, wish I could say the same of some of his senior pro's.
  12. Thought he had a good game most of his past games have been out of position. WHY DO WE ONLY GET ON TH E BACKS OF CERTAIN PLAYERS. I think he gives his best for the shirt and doesn't often take a step back, he's young and will come good .
  13. Great player remember him well, delivered a mean corner. RIP Bobby
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