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  1. More than slightly, I would say. But Max doesn't deserve to be dropped.
  2. I've not been disappointed in Max but I'm convinced that Bentley's reach would have saved their second goal.
  3. Well I did and you pretty much said stop blaming parachute payments.
  4. You have to imagine he does. How on earth could anyone think it isn't a huge factor.
  5. I miss the days of the stand in keeper. Tinnion's worldy in front of the East End against Shrewsbury Town? I seem to remember. Proper football days. I ******* hate so much about the modern game and all its self-importance bollocks. The game has been over thought, over examined, and it's much the poorer for it, if you ask me.
  6. It wasn't only us that wasted 30 minutes of extra time energy then Bristol City out of the cup yesterday, Fulham today.
  7. I bought it too. Around about 1983 when it was released. Never really followed the career of Matt what'shisname after, but that was a nice record I agree. Yes, sorry, I meant Soul Mining.
  8. Radar Love - Golden Earring
  9. Lovely wall. Shame they put in in the wrong place.
  10. Swindon: The first place in Britain to have a library (irony, surely) when you think of the local population Cue: Is this a library, is this a library
  11. Apparently a nice lad, decent footballer, but never believe a word that he says. Yes, Cowmeadow is full of shit.
  12. Did I just hear the commentator say Manchester U City?
  13. Oo ah ya? oo ah ya? They'll never change.
  14. What some people won't know is if Swindon score first, they are in the 4th round.
  15. It's OK, I've heard Andy Davies is free tomorrow.
  16. I'm just hoping for a strong line up and a real desire to win. We ain't going up and we ain't going down. Can't imagine Fulham are too fussed about a cup run, in their league position. It's the sort of game we can get through, so go for it. You can probably guess I am going :laugh:
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