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  1. ... The games just keep coming in the Championship. Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday, Tuesday.... oh **** me, my heart bleeds
  2. Managers love to trot this one out, and not only are they wrong, they often fail to point out that the opposition also face "3" games in the same week. SO annoying.
  3. In that case, the gate was red. The one I walked thorugh in any case.
  4. Really? OTT for me. One of our players chose to go two-footed. The players are all handbags, a decision had to be made, he made one. I'm all for hammering shit refs, but I tend to save the hammerings for the more deserved ones. We haven't had the rub of the green in a few games, but my way is get on with it because shouting off only makes things worse. History proves this.
  5. Possible penalty, in no way nailed on. He went on a great run, but he went down easy. I'd have more of an issue with Freeman not seeing red. But overall, I wasn't pissed off with the ref tonight.
  6. I'm not overlooking anything. I sit in the Dolman on the half-way line, I have a good view of it. I agree we've had the crap from refs time and time again. I didn't think that was particularly the case tonight. Opinions.
  7. I counted three first half tricks and flicks wasn't applauding them at the time though. I still remember Sunderland too well. Fair play tonight. I'm sure he's gonna be just fine. Atkinson Motm for me. (Oops, sorry, person of the match) I forgot that man is a bad word these days.
  8. I'm with Nige generally, but was tonight's ref really that bad? I didn't think so. If one of your players decides to risk a red card by making a mad challenge, you can't stand there and say yeah but their bloke retaliated. I agree in general, but the wrong game to bring this up, for me. I didn't think tonight's ref was poor. All about opinions, I guess.
  9. I feel for him because as people have said, he's looked really good. Hopefully he'll come back and learn from a silly decision.
  10. Hopefully a lesson learned, because he is the loser losing his place in the team. A chance for Wilson now to show why he needs to play in that position.
  11. Freeman. Now where have I heard that name before?
  12. Gonna go against the grain a bit and say I thought the ref was ok tonight. Sykes only had himself to blame for going two-footed, you know the risk. You could definitely argue that Freeman should have walked too, but over all I'd have little complaint about tonight's ref. I wasn't sure about the foul on Atkinson, from where i was I wasn't convinced it was a pen.
  13. I only heard about this we're gonna beat that lot south of the river to the Prem about an hour before kick off tonight. I saw they were playing Barnsley and I thought here we go, I bet they're gonna get wacked in the very next game. :laugh: and guess what? Keep 'em coming, Joey. Comedy gold time after time.
  14. I'm sick of this lot getting the better of us. Let's send 'em home misreable and pointless.
  15. If Jones is refering to Kal "walking out" on them, I suggest the bloke's got a very selective memory. Come on, City, stick one on the whinging little git.
  16. Watford at home around xmas years ago. I seem to remember being in the ground when we heard it was off. Notts County one night match going way back, abandoned. Or was that an afternoon?
  17. "Found dead" oh, dear. This sounds sad.
  18. Thought of something that rhymes with match, but I'm not saying.
  19. Omg. No wonder it stopped then.
  20. Whatever some may think about his time here, he always seemed like a nice guy. I can't wish him luck because I have no room for Cardiff. But I believe he's a decent bloke.
  21. Somebody died racing in the Bristol docks, or is my mind playing tricks? Oops sorry I didn't read the OP properly.
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