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  1. Best: Arsenal away '76 Worst: 2020-2021 City 2-1 Coventry no one in the stadium to see it.
  2. I can imagine footbal in 10 years time "Headball" Come on, ref. That's a penalty every day of the week. He ******* headed it, Stevie Wonder could have seen that.
  3. The Dog, The Dog, He's At It Again - Caravan
  4. From the 1972 LP. "Epic Forest" Rare Bird. A lost gem.
  5. I've got mine, but I feel for anyone still waiting for theirs. Seeing as we're in the week leading up, this is piss poor imo. After all, they've only had how many months?
  6. "While Neil Critchley’s men were in control of the majority of the game, they were lacking a cutting edge in the final third." A thriller looks to be on the cards.
  7. TOTP, Old Grey Whistle Test, Revolver, The Tube, Jools Holland.
  8. A Different Man - The Church
  9. So they are going to "piss" League 2 Wow!
  10. Happy Talk - Captain Sensible
  11. Number 9 Dream - John Lennon
  12. It's one small step for a man One massive step back for a once proud football club.
  13. Remember A Day - Pink Floyd
  14. Another Emotion - The Skids
  15. Not naming FIRST City heroes anymore, but how about this one Curly hair, a tache, scored arguably City's most monumental goal of all time.
  16. Well, if you can't understand, you're the thicko. There you are. A translation for all of those over the age of 25.
  17. Now stop it, OTIBers. We're bigger than that.
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