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  1. Anyway the wind blows _ Zappa / Mothers
  2. Jose Mourinho, Jose Mourinho or **** off Mourinho if you prefer ( La Donna è Mobile ) some italian opera thing
  3. God only Knows (the Diesel Park West cover version) not sure there's anyone else still doing this, kunthurts
  4. THE SELECTOR REMOTE Luxury - The Church
  5. I've got this feeling that their silly little 82ers nick name for us is gonna have to change. After all aren't we nearing 82 years since our last competitive fixture?
  6. Sun King .... BEATLES, slarti
  7. Funny how he went from world's most biggest asset, top striker and all-round great bloke to ... shithead and not half the player Billy Bodin is :laugh: pathetic
  8. Never knew Holloway posted on the Gas forum
  9. Like they'd ******* give a shit about anything happening to US.
  10. when my baby's beside me - Big Star
  11. Dead Loss Angeles (we all would be if a nuclear device went off)
  12. Bang Bang - Squeeze Mike. you realise no one else is bothering to do this
  13. Die Polizei - Kaizers Orchestra from Blondie's Heart of glass to cult Norwegian band Kaizers Orchestra.. we're doing OK
  14. Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival
  15. Fool for your Lovin' - Whitesnake
  16. Times Like These - Foo Fighters
  17. Twice If You're Lucky - Crowded House (2010) some of these songs are worth youtubing, they really are
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