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  1. Two shite corners from HNM at the end. You're not on corners, son.
  2. Celtic player strolls off. Ahhhh, playing for a creditable draw
  3. Got 1-0 City written all over it.
  4. Looks like all the Celtic players are Hörður Magnússon.
  5. Weimann Pretty poor challenge for a friendly.
  6. City are apparently leading 1-0 ?
  7. Don't want to start another thread, so Jorginho's on Grealish. Yellow, Red, or orange? The tell tale thing was him dropping to the floor claiming to be injured too. Probably not quite a red, but pretty close for me.
  8. I'm sure I heard this morning that Southgate chose the order of takers from training.
  9. I follow England because I'm Englsh, but I've never been to one single England game. I've been to more City games than I care to imagine :laugh: City is my football team, the team I live and breathe for. I always want England to win, but I can get over the disappointment almost immediately. I suppose everyone is just different. I felt for the young lads last night.
  10. Disappointing at the time, but nothing like the feeling when City lose a big match. COYR! Getting excited about proper football now.
  11. Waltzinblack - The Stranglers
  12. Hope not. I think their antics could psych us out in pens. I'm going England in 90 minutes, with an unlikely goal-scoring hero.
  13. The Court of The Crimson King - King Crimson
  14. To cut the sausages in half length wise in a sandwich, or to eat them rounded? Brown Source, a MUST. Shit, this thread has made me really hungry.
  15. I was only a teenager at the time, but I remember Norman coming to BCFC and thinking WOW! This bloke is known by all football fans everywhere and he is playing for City. He was the first "star" to sign for City during my lifetime. Loved his no-nonsense tackling, loved some of his little dribbles forward, loved his left-footed rocket that he let off from time to time. A lovely bloke too. A true star. RIP, Norman.
  16. Disco Boy - Frank Zappa
  17. Noooooooo Jim Dunlop .60s, or forget it.
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