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  1. Yes we've rooted out all the exciting candidates, and now we have narrowed it down to the shit list. L1 L2 up and coming and you could put your house on it.
  2. Not sure why, but that short interview didn't fill me with confidence. Can't see it being Hughton.
  3. A female boss would probably know what was wrong, but not tell you why she's pissed off. Here come the eggplants
  4. When can you start, Chris?
  5. If it's a been there and done it type (Hughton, Cook) - Please do it again! If it's an up and coming type / relative novice (don't rule this out) - Don't talk like you HAVE been there and done it. Good luck to whoever it is anyway
  6. Here is a list of some Yes men Jon Anderson Steve Howe Chris Squire Alan White Rick Wakewan Bill Bruford Tony Kaye Not sure any of them would be much good at managing BCFC, but they're certainly all Yes men.
  7. Yes, that would totally eclipse any expectations I could imagine having
  8. Stop it! It involves a woman who vaguely resembles JT carrying out an "act" shall we say.
  9. Best left alone. Not for the faint-hearted
  10. Come on. Every football fan in the world has seen that video.
  11. Oh, good. Don't **** this up, Steve pleeeeeease
  12. Would be a really big let down, but I'm not at all sure that SL is going to do the right thing. Worrying.
  13. Just imagining the meltdown on here if SL chooses Flynn over Hughton.
  14. I wonder if JT is seeing Steve Lansdown behind Chris Hughton's back ?? He (JT) wouldn't do that sort of thing, would he?
  15. I thought WE were playing Hull. I know, it's a tap in.
  16. Cook and Moore have just chucked their names in. Derek and Clive have just chucked their names in. Steptoe and son have just chucked their names in. Easy, this
  17. I'm going Louis. Forget that, born 1987? No, that's you sorry. Forget it.
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