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  1. A "great" cut back Oh, hang on 5-3
  2. Hughton (my first choice) or Cook for me. I've gone right off the thought of another young up and coming learner manager / coach.
  3. Can't believe that people are suggesting that Danny Wilson was more exciting in L1 than Steve Cotterill.
  4. Never realised that Brian May was a City fan... Oh no, it's badgers that guy has a thing for, isn't it.
  5. Holden "The whole squad was in shock after LJ's sacking" :laugh: Really!
  6. Whilst walking briskly to the nearest railway station
  7. The best possible appointment since Dicks ?
  8. The thought of Cook's appointment is starting to really grow on me. Can't see too many minus points with this guy tbh. Wondering if Hughton might be too obvious a choice. I'd personally prefer Cook, but I have the funny feeling this Plymouth guy is gonna get it.
  9. The bloke's a ****
  10. Cook looks just like the sort of character this club has been missing for years (for about 4 years i suppose.) I'd love to appoint this guy.
  11. Just realised. I'm only really suggesting big Sam with this one, aren't I?
  12. Been there, done it, got the t-shirt A no brainer, Steve.
  13. SL would really go up in my estimation if he took a risk and actually avoided the so called yes man. Cook looks like a great option to me.
  14. Right up there with the realistic and decent shouts for me. Definitely worth a look.
  15. We probably will (beat Hull), and LJ's job is safe for the start of next season. So depressing. SACK NOW!
  16. Hope so, but it hasn't seemed to bother them much up until now.
  17. I'm not saying anything... just hope we're not prolonging the agony. I'm not being disloyal, only disloyal to the man who is ballsing this up. Would not be overjoyed with a sneaky win at all.
  18. Not injured is my guess, so all this would make sense.
  19. Knowing LJ, it was probably aimed at the ref or the Forest player.
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