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  1. The article on the OS says the away kit will be revealed in the next few weeks. Why do we leave such big gaps? Just drop all three kits at the start of the bloody summer.
  2. Hull have come into some money so may not be the team we beat 5-0 at the end of last season. But any new players won't be bedded in properly by opening day I guess. I think we can look at stats and form and promotions and relegations and transfers but we can't know what's gonna happen. On paper, Hull and the August fixtures are pretty tidy so let's back our boys and make a strong start. Next 5 weeks can't pass fast enough.
  3. Yea thought this yesterday. Title changed a little prematurely. I expect it'll be announced tonight (assuming he didn't fail his medical!).
  4. Wouldn't mind an opening away fixture for a change. Maybe try to catch a 'big' team out before they hit stride. A transitional Burnley away on Sky please
  5. They only put us because they didn’t have enough ‘R’ boards to write Rovers
  6. Good move financially by the club. All the best KP, except against us
  7. Also being discussed on main forum. Think he was an upgradable player but respect for how he stood up and helped this year when injuries built up.
  8. Fair play, I think a good move for us as a club and him. Think we can do a little better and think he can really develop at Barnsley, we'll probably see him in action next season when they come up! Good luck Robbie.
  9. You’re a star pop, thanks for keeping on top of all this and summarising.
  10. @Mr Popodopolous thanks for the updates. So layman’s terms, we’re looking likely to be deducted points but won’t know until next March, at which point they’d be deducted from the current league table (ie 2022-23)? That could really hurt us one way or another. Surely we can still make a big sale and sort all this? Sorry if I’ve missed stuff - babysitting a chaotic 10 month old niece today who WON’T STAY STILL.
  11. Nothing against any posters in particular. I think we can all take a moment to consider 'does this need a thread?' much like we don't say the first thing that comes into our head in the real world. But it's at the posters discretion
  12. I watch this lad, does preview and review videos for every round of fixtures. Decent viewing.
  13. Yes I’ve been thinking the same, likely away. I wonder if it’d be a good day to face a relegated team before they can get into fill swing and while they’re still depressed. Turf Moor?
  14. Good lord. Can only see half the French team but it’s pretty monstrous! What a might for Andi to grab his first international goal
  15. Brilliant, we are SMASHING this window. Well done Nige and Gould. I think we only need signings to replace any major outgoings now. A Han or (God forbid) Antoine replacement. Otherwise squad is looking great.
  16. Pretty much! Bit of a running joke from the admin, usually means something be coming.
  17. They’re tweeting on the hour.
  18. Don't get me wrong I like Kalas, but Klose seems a good leader/guide for the whole back line, Atkinson looks solid an will be our best defender in a few years time (imo) and Naismith is coming off the back of the best season of any of them. So he'd have to earn his place back, something he's definitely capable of doing.
  19. 6PM on the roof in a funky new lime away kit. Make it happen City.
  20. I think we'll stick to the 5, and I hope we do too. First choice: Wilson, Atkinson, Klose, Naismith, Dasilva Tanner covers Wilson, Pring covers Dasilva, Kalas and hopefully Baker cover the centre halves. Maybe Cundy.
  21. What can I say, I’m an optimist
  22. On the roof, in the away shirt, at 6pm please
  23. Medical isn't until next week annoyingly. If we're planning to move on Taylor Moore, Zak Vyner, HNM, Tyreeq Bakinson and Kasey Palmer it feels as though we need to get a move on. Edit - I'm being pretty impatient here, window doesn't even open until Friday
  24. Everyone saying it looks like a Rotherham/Arsenal/Walsall kit is confusing to me. Does that mean every Walsall kit looks like Rotherham? Which looks like Arsenal and Barnsley? It's red and white, with throwback sleeves from a successful team of old. You'd think it was quarterzz based on all the 'not Bristol City' comments! Dunno if this came across, but I really like it.
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