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  1. A shame we’ll never know the extent of what Palmer/Afobe could’ve been. Looked to sync up immediately both on and off the pitch.
  2. Would finishing lower than the bottom 6 mean top in L1 and therefore promotion? Get the champagne on ice!
  3. I - like many of us - went to that ******* horror show tonight. I got rained on, my burger tasted like ass and a speed bump assaulted my car on the ride home. We need to forget tonight immediately and move on. Saturday we’re away to a very good team, but thank god we’re away. From the depths of tonight I can see us stealing an undeserved draw. And then we WILL beat Barnsley. The hoodoo will be over. Tonight never happened. Ps Jack Grealish has Alex Scott bedsheets. Up the City.
  4. Congrats on 4 years chaps!
  5. As others have said, I’m praying we have Han-Noah or Atkinson back, preferably both. Can’t say I’d have Bakinson anywhere near the first team.
  6. So it’s now: Cundy Conway (ahead of schedule) Semenyo HNM (thought he was meant to be back yesterday?) Williams King Atkinson is ill rather than injured so shouldn’t be long at all. Tuesday we hope! Anything I’ve missed?
  7. We lost 2-0 to the team at the summit of the league and are 11th. I’ll sleep absolutely fine tonight. Tuesday we’ll look more like ourselves.
  8. Amazing news. I take it that’s everyone barring Cundy and Conway (and Antoine as stated). Great news
  9. Williams has been phenomenal this season, glad to see he’s seemingly in good spirits too!
  10. And I’m disagreeing with you, and saying it IS good news. That’s all
  11. It’s a step toward equality for female officials. Good news in my book!
  12. With Tanner's impressive performances recently I've been thinking about his playing future, and was quite pleased to realise Danny Simpson could become something of a mentor to him with his Premier League (winning!) experience. Not fully in the capacity mentioned above though as for now we will need Simpson to come in and play first team minutes a fair few times this season. This also frees up Vyner to cover for the centre halves.
  13. Really big win considering the injuries. Some important players missing so massive credit to the 12 lads involved today, brilliant. This is a well timed international break for us, should get a few back. COYR
  14. GET IN!!! Well done City. Hopefully make Nige feel a bit better too. COYR
  15. I’d be very happy to see some young strikers tried. Especially while we’re in no impending danger. Love to see Janneh, Bell or Britton on Saturday.
  16. 10th after 10, very good. We’d have all taken that. Overall, the improvements this season have been vast.
  17. Confirmed injured are HNM ( ), Cundy and Conway. But after this troubling Wednesday night Wells, Dasilva, Baker and Williams are all potentially in trouble. And I assume Semenyo. Pray we see some back Saturday.
  18. Draw specialists in the division, and we've been prone to a few ourselves this season, it feels like the game is screaming a gritty 1-1. So expect a 5-3 either way. Hope we give Palmer a shot form the start, let him ride that wave from Saturday and get some form. COYR.
  19. Rest and recover gaffer! Hopefully asymptomatic.
  20. Another enjoyable OSIB this week.
  21. Never want to see a goal scorer dropped, utilise his confidence and start him Wednesday IMO.
  22. He could have Eliasson’s old one. So here’s to you, Robert Atkinson, city loves you more than you will knoooooow Edit: clearly great minds think alike @3peapsinapodcast
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