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  1. Pretty sure I like it. Regarding the blue, we’ve got everything else they want, why not nick a bit of their colour. Ours now!
  2. This (Wales vs Turkey) is so much better than Finland Russia earlier. Don’t know if I was just grouchy after another crap nights sleep but that Russia game looked like league 2.
  3. That Portugal front 4 is brutal. Come on Hungary! Good luck Nagy
  4. I’d be more pleased to see City lift a JPT than to see England lift a World Cup. Club conquers country IMO. I do really want England to succeed and am thoroughly enjoying the euros, but it’s not as important as City.
  5. This was only my second ever away day, me and my dad reminisce on this game at least monthly. Great news!
  6. Well played today Tomas!
  7. And blocks four of our shots off the line?!
  8. Just so relieved about Eriksen, what a bizarre evening this turned into. Hope he’s watched like a hawk by the docs tonight. We’re all Denmark today.
  9. Swiss have left their shooting boots at home. Wales need to change something, not sure Rob Page is the master tactician to inspire it.
  10. Been counting down to today! Love a curtain raiser. Hoping for a good game.
  11. No ones mentioned Massengo! Or as I like to call him, the next N’golo Kante.
  12. BCFCGav

    No knee

    It's a big problem in Hungary, yes. Hungary's slow descent into xenophobia, racism and human rights abuses - InfoMigrants is a good read on the issue. Light on the 'crying laughing emojis' though, you'll just have to try and look past that.
  13. It's a tricky one, he could end up blocking off a very impressive generation. For me, he's too good not to use. He loves the Euros too, always plays out of his skin. Haven't seen them in qualifying, but they could use Fernandes at 10 with Jota and B. Silva on wings and CR7 as a 9. The player to suffer from this would be Joao Felix though, who himself could be quite some player in years to come, so it really is a balancing act.
  14. From the 6 groups, the 4 best 3rd placed teams qualify. So in 2 groups, only the top two will qualify. That way we get 6 group winners, 6 group runners-up and 4 third placed teams = 16 teams for the round of 16. I'm buzzing personally. England will never compare to City but the one time I can get really invested in national football is in Euros and World Cup finals. Following all the sub-plots and looking out for surprise packages and big teams finishing bottom of their group. Seeing players we know from the Prem, the Championship, and all the leagues I see less of like La Liga, Serie A. There's some amazing young talents at the tournament, Italy have quietly put together an excellent team. My pick to win is Portugal though. Ruben Dias, Bernardo Silva, Bruno Fernandes, Diogo Jota and CR7, that's a lot of world class. Can't wait. And for what it's worth, I think we have a shot...
  15. I want to watch as much City as I can, and we're normally not televised a great deal so the thrill of going is still very much intact for me. Couldn't tell you who we played in my first match but my Dad took me. 20 years later, we've just bought season tickets next to each other for the first time after I finally talked him into forking out the money to get himself one! I've been going alone for a few years and that doesn't bother me in the slightest, but having my pops there makes it even better. Can't wait for next season.
  16. To save people the panic, he has already undergone successful surgery on an underlying problem and is expected to be ready to report for pre-season.
  17. A lot of good points re Kane. I think it's a head vs heart thing for him. Realistically a move now would suit all parties, Kane can go lift trophies, Spurs get 100m (or whatever it will be) and the buying club gets Kane. I have a feeling though he's desperate to do it with Spurs, and with Conte coming in, maybe he'll see this as one last opportunity to make that happen. Especially if the club and Conte push for it. I rate Conte really highly (breaking the Juve hold on Serie A is incredible), and think with Kane they could do something really special next season, especially when you consider they do have some quality throughout the Spurs squad (Son, Hojbjerg, Reguillon, Lo Celso). I've been wrong many times before, this is all just a gut thing really.
  18. Spurs set to appoint Antonio Conte. That's one hell of a coup. Wonder if that might even be enough to convince Kane to stay. Potentially big things coming for Spurs if this all falls into place.
  19. Bloody rough that for Trent. Have to feel for him. Suppose that’ll be Ben White called in? It’s between him and Godfrey logically, Ben White cleared a shot off the line and Godfrey almost scored an obscene own goal. Think they may have made Southgate’s mind up.
  20. Nagy has been called up by Hungary to play in the euros. Good man Adam!
  21. Quite pleased with that personally. The next question is how on earth do we get as much attacking talent as possible on the pitch, as that’s clearly where we are strong.
  22. I was resigned to losing Bentley, but it sounds like he’s all in. A fantastic player and a lovely bloke by the sounds of it. Would love him to settle and be our number 1 for years!
  23. They do deserve it don’t they. And despite the way they’ve dominated us for a few years I do quite like them somehow. Good job lads. See you in a couple months Swansea you dossers
  24. Sooner the better. No Swansea supporter is innocent, regardless of age
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