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  1. 21 minutes ago, Riaz said:

    You believe in this vaccine and trust it.

    I dont.

    Why does your opinion matter more than mine?

    Because their opinion is based on scientific evidence and yours isn't. If they said they believed grass is green because of chlorophyll and you said you believe it's green for a different reason, their opinion is more important (or at least should be given more weight - maybe importance is the wrong word) because it is backed by science.

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  2. 18 minutes ago, Davefevs said:

    Not in the 23:


    Kalas - Int duty return


    Cundy - returning from injury 


    Semenyo - returning from injury 



    Scott - self isolating


    Wells - int duty return



    Brought in:

    Joe Low

    Ayman Benarous

    Marlee Francois 

    Good post, was just trying to figure some of these out. Louis Britton also? He has a knock iirc?

  3. Just a training session in reality but against a team about to enter the Champions League qualifying rounds, a rout wouldn’t have been a surprise, especially in our first match of pre season. Good job today lads. 

  4. Sore one but at least focus can switch back fully to club football now. Even as we flew further into the competition, it never quite felt the same as supporting City. I think for many people, the connection to your club runs so deep that even something as important as international football tournament finals doesn't quite land the same. Hard luck to the England lads, they did very well overall. Now back to 'our' lads, the City boys, and a big season ahead.

  5. 3 hours ago, Coolrunnings said:

    Although I feel we still need a couple of players , particularly a quality centre forward the team  appears to be shaping up. 

    Delighted that we are going with a smaller squad as I feel having players around who have no real chance of playing is unhealthy at best.

    From the clips and interviews we've seen they will be fitter and more importantly stronger than were used to seeing , Danny Simpson said how tough it's been and he's been there before.

    For any of the players who have not realised yet Nige is not going to accept anything less than total commitment, so expect a few more to be out the door before we kick off.

    Dave Rennie looks like and sounds like he could be our most important asset this year , no nonsense and knows his stuff , don't see us falling to pieces this year barring contact or freak injuries. Likewise can see players getting back sooner as don't reckon the rehab option will be for the faint hearted.

    As to a prediction most seem to feel anywhere safe is ok. However I can't see a born winner embarking on a season with that as an aspiration.Fully expect him to see us at least competing for a play off position. I've got a sneaky suspicion a few may be surprised by how well we do. 

    Bring it on I've had enough of summer now looking forward to cold and 3 points at home!!!

    Great post! Bring on the new season. 

  6. Rob Atkinson is definitely one for me, think we may have picked up a real gem there. And I’m excited to see a number of the young forwards, maybe one will have an explosive breakout season which is always great to see (Bell, Owura, Britton, maybe Saikou). 

    Taking your question a little more loosely, I’m very excited to see how a talented Everton squad do under a good manager… that all the fans hate. Just a fascinating scenario there at the mo.

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  7. Bentley: Simpson, Kalas, Baker, Dasilva: James, Williams, Massengo: Semenyo, Wells, O’Dowda. 

    Atkinson to be phased in when Baker gets injured, Nagy in for Williams if not fit in time, minutes for Edwards, Britton and Bell via rotation. 

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  8. His running was phenomenal last night, he broke into a really dangerous area and felt contact from two players. You have to go down to win a penalty sadly, so he did, as he should have (because he was fouled). The fact VAR didn’t overturn it means there’s no real debate here imho.

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  9. Just now, AshtonGreat said:

    Absolutely magnificent display. He just seems to get better with age!

    The joys of regular coaching from Pep! I’m over the moon for Raheem. Seems a hard worker and a good man, and a massive contributor to our run to the final. Although I could go on all day praising most these players! What has happened to Luke Shaw this past year?!

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