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  1. So for now we take the injury list as Conway, Cundy and Baker. Hopefully Vyner, Scott and King’s absences yesterday were rotation and HNM and Weimann were just a bit fatigued at the end of yesterday.

    We’ll know more next Saturday, nice long break for the lads after yesterdays heroics. COYR!

  2. 3 minutes ago, Davefevs said:

    Was that on Robinstv or BBCRB?

    It’s on Twitter Fevs. Yea really pleased for Nahki. Not his biggest fan but never questioned his ability to finish. Wonder if this doesn’t earn him a start against Fulham. 

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  3. 4 minutes ago, SecretSam said:

    He was unbelievable. Chatting to some QPR fans after, they were convinced they'd scored one, were thinking it was a certain goal.

    I tld them the away fans thought so too...then a miracle occurred


    Just now, Fordy62 said:

    That was the point blank low to his right. Worldie. 

    Yea just caught that save on the highlights. If that goes in you say ‘fair play, nothing the keeper can do about that’. Phenomenal save.

  4. Yes we played poor, and yes conceding a late equaliser is like being kicked in the nards by a horse. But we’re 12th, which after last year would mark a very successful season should we finish there. We’re improving, this was just a bad night. Onto QPR, COYR. Away thank god 🤣

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