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  1. Miserable jacks all over my tv, what a Saturday.
  2. I was going to support Swansea as I still harbour dreams of us being the 50th team to grace the prem, not Brentford. BUT I just saw a section of the Jack fans and remembered I really really don’t like them. So come on Brentford?
  3. I was just thinking it's odd we've had no updates on Weimann or Danny Simpson. I'd like both to stay on. Without Simpson, we wouldn't even have a right back.
  4. Maybe Johnson has a 'smug smirk' (as people have put it) is because those who don't like him still obsessively talk about him a year on... He oversaw some very exciting, and always safe from the drop, Championship campaigns. Bumped into him in the mall, and he was friendly and happy to have a quick chat about City despite seeming busy. He's fine by me.
  5. Victim of my own optimism on many of those, but despite my poor score that was good fun. Look forward to next seasons already Total: 13+2 bonus = 15.
  6. Looking forward to seeing Palmer with Jamaica at the euros
  7. City have their first confirmed player going to the Euros as the Czechs named their final squad today (none of this provisional rubbish), and Kalas is in! Congrats Tomas!
  8. I think Wells has 16 for us, 5 last season and 11 this. Weimann has 21 according to Wiki. They must be top two.
  9. I was quite shocked, had to share
  10. I’ve been keeping an eye on this page on the city website to see if they would update it with a certain new addition. They now have, the first new name on the all time top scorers list (starting at at least 50 goals) since Scotty Murray so far as I can tell. Shame his time has ended with us in a disappointing way, but thanks for 51 goals Fammy ️ https://www.bcfc.co.uk/fanzone/club-history/all-time-goalscorers/
  11. Be an interesting insight into plans for the new season, looking forward to it.
  12. Just seen that Eliasson’s Nimes were relegated. That’s a shame. Can imagine he’ll do very well in the French second tier if utilised properly.
  13. 4231 could allocate it. Pickford TAA Stones Maguire Shaw Rice Philips Grealish Foden Sterling Kane
  14. Thought the forum would have more love for Tammy Had to put him in. 7 people putting Dier on the plane surprises me a bit!
  15. Given how rapidly 11 players were released last week we haven't had 'goodbye' threads like when a player is sold and usually has their own thread. Think it's worth saying Fam has been a great servant of this club and provided many great moments over the last 4 seasons. Stopped performing at the end, maybe to do with Ashton p'ing him off, but that aside he's been very good and an important part of our squad that has become established in the second tier. Thanks Fam. I'll miss our man from Knowle.
  16. Ooof. That top one's a bit special.
  17. I really like black away kits. The red of the badge on a black background looks great. Hopefully we'll see our offering soon.
  18. You’re probably the man for this question Fevs, what’s Britton’s contract status? Really like the (brief) look of him. Big physical 9 with an eye for goal, yes please.
  19. Building to Weimann and Simpson announcements maybe?
  20. I'll go into this season optimistic as always (where's the fun otherwise? ) but I'd be pretty pleased with 12th-14th next season considering we'll be bedding in lots of new players and staff. Expect a few games where we're really good, accept a few games where we're really shit. Don't get in too much danger of the drop and kick on from there. Nige says he thinks 3 years is a realistic time frame to get promoted, that would be a perfectly ok start in my opinion.
  21. Well that can’t be coincidence.
  22. Oh I thought Rolls oversaw physio. Bit concerning the lead physio is considered worth keeping around no? Hopefully this was just a freak season and next year will be very different regarding player availability. Won't be hindered by the fact Baker, Mawson, Watkins are gone.
  23. Was Towler at LB or CB? Stuck in work sadly so couldn't watch. Anyway, sounds like he played well. Maybe one to keep around next season?
  24. Easy way to remember the 11, they form a 4-4-2... Gilmartin: Hunt, Mariappa, Baker, Rowe: Adelakun, Walsh, Lansbury, Paterson: Fam, Watkins. Completely pointless post but amused me slightly.
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