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  1. Fascinated to see how Everton do this season. Flags with Benitez face on are still waved in the Kop. Everton fans seem almost universally unhappy. Interesting situation, especially if they start poorly.

  2. 21 minutes ago, KegCity said:

    Job done. As said earlier, it’s not about playing beautiful flowing football in tournaments, it’s about being hard to beat and grinding out wins. All 3 centre backs played fantastically well.

    Grealish has earned a start, especially against Sweden/Ukraine who will sit back more and make it hard to play in behind.

    I’ll openly admit I’m a big critic and still not convinced by him because once the option to run in behind has been removed, he’s clueless. He’s often far too indecisive on the ball when not in front of goal. That being said, I’m glad he’s scoring for us and I hope he proves me wrong all the way to the final and lifts the trophy. Also thought he looked really poor for Man City in Europe this season, but that doesn’t matter as he’s showing up for England!

    Of course all round play is important, but when you post the numbers he posts a lot is forgivable. I think he scored/assisted 17 in the prem this season and that was his ‘bad’ season, that’s great numbers for a wide player. He’s bound to lose the ball occasionally as he’s taking people on, and I thought he drove us forward well tonight in a team often set up to hold. Horses for courses, and as you say, let’s hope we’re debating him all the way to the final 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  3. Welcome back Bakes. Really hope his availability sky rockets under the new medical regime. Would be happy for him and Kalas to be first choice starters IF we get in another centre half as quality cover and a bit of an understudy. Atkinson confirmed this week please 🤞🤞🤞

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  4. I'll be a lot happier with signing Atkinson than with signing Baker. I don't understand how many times we'll need to be taught the lesson regarding Baker's fitness before we'll learn it. Signing Atkinson to partner Kalas and make sure Baker is only cover will make it seem less insane. Plus this Atkinson boy looks talented, and good value.

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  5. 4 hours ago, Loco Rojo said:

    What the **** are you talking about?  Being told not to sing it is not trying to erase history. Singing a chant about WW2 at a football match just because we're playing the Germans is ******* tin pot. Time and place - that chant doesn't pay any form of respect. It's meant to antagonise opposition fans (the vast majority of which I'm sure are hugely ashamed of their countries history). This is intended not to pay respect but try to stir up trouble. 

    Lest we forget??? Chanting that at a football match does not show respect to the memory of the heros and innocent victims (on boths sides) of WW2. 

    This is right up there with The Sun/Dailymail sensationalist headlines that will probably reference the Hun/ dad's army at some point.

    Excellent post.

    10 minutes ago, dREDful said:

    This forum has turned to shit with non-stop sixth form politic bollocks. 

    I bet some of you bore everyone around you on a night out. 

    Bold of you to assume I get invited on nights out!

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  6. This (Wales vs Turkey) is so much better than Finland Russia earlier. Don’t know if I was just grouchy after another crap nights sleep but that Russia game looked like league 2.

  7. 28 minutes ago, OneCity said:

    Very pleased with this news. A huge miss last season. If there was any doubt what he can do then let us remind ourselves.


    This was only my second ever away day, me and my dad reminisce on this game at least monthly. Great news! 

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