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  1. I predict a dire season for Huddersfield personally. I do like Mooy and Grant, but think they’ll do well to get top half. I’ve been wrong before mind.
  2. BCFCGav


    COD was ok today imo?
  3. This is exciting, given our track record with making profit on ‘prospects’. If we can sell Reid for 10 million we’re in for about 150 million when we sell this chap!
  4. They’re gonna pepper Muric now. Nightmare GK debut. Man City rate the kid so it is just a bad day I suspect.
  5. Nice goal that. Clever flick from Albert.
  6. That’s very true, I’m just guessing based on how the teams look. It was that guessing that landed me 0 points on super 6
  7. Zohore filling the boots of both Gayle and Rodriguez seems an impossible ask. Excited for this, another one of the ‘challengers’ about to drop points following Fulham and Diff losses.
  8. Lots of day 1 positives for the loan army. Max is quality.
  9. Good luck Webo. Disappointed of course but he was a stalwart for us last season. I think he’ll do great next season.
  10. I’m so ******* excited, feel like a kid at Christmas. This week is gonna drag badly. COYRRRR
  11. I think we'll see a lot more outgoing loan deals completed soon as teams finalise for the new season. This thread was very useful last season for following our loan army, should definitely be pinned again.
  12. 2014/15 double winners. League 1 title is the biggest trophy in England, they’ll never win that
  13. Beauty. Look forward to a visit when we’re top flight
  14. It will be interesting how he fits in if he does stay. Will we use him as RB competition for Hunt? Can't see him playing much at centre-half ahead of Webo, Kalas, Wright, Vyner etc.
  15. By all means, don't post about it. No problem. But if other people want to (especially on a thread about it...), don't call them out on it.
  16. Embrace it. It's really very important that people vocally show support for causes like LGBT+. The effect discrimination can have on young people trying to figure out who they are can be devastating, as can the consequences. If people want to speak out in support they should!
  17. Chance to make such a statement on day one. I’m excited and nervous already.
  18. That's true, and I can genuinely see him being that good. Hopefully that's my red tinted specs talking and they don't take the chance. If we can start the season with Bentley in goal and Kalas, JDS AND Webo in the squad we could be a defensive force. Best City defensive set-up in my lifetime that.
  19. Brighton do sound like our biggest problem now Villa have made the big signings they have. A quick google tells me Brighton's current record signing is Jahanbakhsh for 17 million. Will they be willing to pay around 1.5x that for a defender with an injury record? Let's bloody hope not.
  20. Get in! 8m apparently. Very deserving of a club record fee! Welcome Tomas!
  21. Sadly I think you’re spot on. The only way I can see around it is if we bring in just an adequate replacement then splash the real money on a striker. Defence isn’t as important if we’ve got a Maupay (just an example) hitting the net every week.
  22. Welcome Szmodics! Good week this.
  23. Yea that’s the report I saw, plus a few of the hit and miss twitter pages. Bournemouth supposedly bid a million last year, more evidence this looks a good deal
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