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  1. Really pleased with that. Love how open the club are being as well regarding Simpson and Weimann talks ongoing, they easily could've just not mentioned them. Going to be strange when Fam, Bakes and a few others are at other clubs but we need a refresher. Another step of the big summer complete. COYR.
  2. I feel if we meet in the middle at 4, that’s good business by us. Almost a million a goal for this season.
  3. Baker - Gone - 15 games per season isn't enough. Mariappa- Keep - Solid enough for cover. Rowe- Gone Hunt- Gone Watkins- Gone Walsh- Keep - Potential. Simpson- Keep - Cover RB. Gilmartin- Gone Lansbury- Gone Diedhiou- Gone Weimann- Keep - Versatile, hard-working, eye for a goal. Paterson- Gone Adelakun - Gone If it was up to me anyway. Which is very much isn't. Squad needs a good trim!
  4. Britton falls into a tricky list of players where it’s hard to know what’s best to do with them, get them a good loan and lots of minutes or keep them with us, improving our squad and being coached just as we/Nige wants. It’s a good conundrum to have, and a mark of their undoubted talent. I’d say this applies to Scott, Britton, Bell, maybe Owura. Take it as a given that Han, Ty and Antoine certainly won’t be out on loan!
  5. It does feel like we’re ‘ready’ off the pitch doesn’t it. Fingers crossed we can put that team together that clicks, like 14/15. We’re in for some good times if we can
  6. Not last chance saloon by any stretch. Of course I want it sooner rather than later but we’ve been around over 120 years and while there’s a football pyramid, there’s always a chance.
  7. Well done today Louis. Slog of a season but we somehow survived relatively comfortably. NP is the man to take us forward and the rebuild can now begin. Looking forward to next season. COYR, CTID.
  8. Brentford have gone strong. Kalas and Semenyo awol. Bit scary.
  9. Be good for fan morale, we'd know their free ride is over. MK Dons announced their released list earlier (Our old boy Agard was on there), so it's not too early.
  10. It can't be a shortage can it? Much more likely they aren't available yet or an error. I'll renew on payday this month, only need two next to one another so not too worried about availability.
  11. I read a lot of them jumping to Rolls’ defence is comical ways. They’ll turn on a sixpence after their third injury in three games next season.
  12. Thought I’d check out their thoughts on the Ipswich forum, they’re having a right bit of fun bashing us. Rolls, UNLEASH HELL.
  13. I still believe in Kalas. Done a lot more good than bad for us this season. Hope he has a cracking euros to get some confidence back ready for next season.
  14. Cheers Nige!! Absolutely love to see it. That Wolf of Wall Street tweet was ******* amazing
  15. I’m far too selfish to care about worthiness. They’ve got a vice grip on domestic competitions lately (4 elf cups in a row, couple of FA cups). It’s satisfying to see them unable to lift at least one trophy.
  16. I think they’ll (Man City) will win it this year. Love to be wrong.
  17. Take it no announcement tonight? I’m an impatient bugger. Coinciding with the CL at 8 would be nice.
  18. Commentators on Real vs Chelsea just mentioned Marcelo has had 13 different muscle injuries this season. Maybe Rolls is moving to Madrid to study Marcelo and try to learn his secrets.
  19. I’m a soft touch, and do feel a bit guilty about the stick he got. This is fantastic news though.
  20. And we’ve done it. Rough season that, but a rough season where you stay up can’t be too terrible, right? Big summer ahead. COYR.
  21. Haha very good point! 2-1 Birmingham!!! Looks good!!
  22. Oh completely. I just prefer 100% safe to 99.9%. Plus it’s a good excuse for a beer.
  23. Birmingham level! We’re safe as it stands.
  24. Good day to be red. Do us a favour Birmingham, we probably won’t do ourselves one
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