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  1. And now you’re gonna believe usssssss! The gas are going down.
  2. Derby lose or draw today, which I think will happen, and this season is finally done, we’re safe. Go on Birmingham! (Vomit).
  3. He was a non league find wasn’t he?
  4. Why, what’s Bo doing on Saturday?
  5. Wednesday are 12 behind us with 9 to play for?
  6. By my reckoning, if both the sags and Derby fail to win on Saturday, that’s them mathematically down and us mathematically safe on the same day. A feint silver lining from tonight.
  7. Neither of Wycombe or Wednesday can catch us, and the other 6 aren’t all going to.
  8. A poor start, he’ll know that. But I won’t be judging him until long into next season, any judgment before that is premature.
  9. We’d miss the entertainment they offer.
  10. Quite happy to see Rotherham drop. They’re crap yet we always make such hard work of our games against them. Fancy Wednesday away next season so I’d be happy for Derby and Rotherham to go.
  11. I don’t think it should happen and I don’t think it will happen, but I’m wondering HOW it could work. The 6 would F off to their new fun lil project, meaning we’d need a big reshuffle of league structuring. I guess you could have no relegations for a season but clubs still able to go up, to fill the gaps in each league with new clubs from below? All speciation at this point. Be our best shot of getting to the promised land
  12. A draw with 10 men for about 70 mins is like a win. Unbeaten in two. Baby steps, but it’s something. COYR.
  13. The clots on the lung make this sound even scarier. Hope he recovers fast. Bloody virus, can't wait for it to finally do one.
  14. Genuine question, what's going to be so much better now? You'd think we'd signed Haaland!
  15. Holding off for now. Give us the Nige city.
  16. Seen far worse in the papers. Touch generous to a couple imo but seems they actually watched the 90.
  17. Investigate that idiot ref. There’s a point tho. Decent job lads. COYR.
  18. Can’t help but feel a bit worried about the relationship between Lansdown and us (fan base) if we’ve effectively pushed out a member of the team he clearly believes in. Hope this doesn’t get any uglier.
  19. Conway hattrick - living room limbs.
  20. I’m really trying to get excited for this one. A big ask as you’ll all know. But let’s give the boys the benefit of the (very hefty) doubt and get the win Saturday. 14 points above relegation and 14th place, one win will surely do it and we can put this season behind us and look forward to the Euros and then 2021/22. Start an XI who aren’t going OOC and who have shown they’ll fight. I’d go, in a simple 4-4-2: Bents - easy, done well all season. Sess - only here on loan and will want to show Fulham he can cut it at RB should they be relegated. Kalas - he’s a fighter, and these results will be hurting him. Plus he’ll want sharpness before the euros. Mariappa - experienced and head strong. Won’t want to let Nige down. Towler - academy product who will want to prove he’s up to it. Watford aside, he’s looked assured. Semenyo - our brightest spark. Han-Noah - in form and fights hard. Nagy - poor on Monday for sure but more often than not does a good job. Will need to stay sharp before playing with Hungary at the euros. Palmer - looks dangerous of late and has a bit of sparkle which we so need for creativity. Conway - bound to work hard and want to prove himself. We’ve heard many good things from the club, let’s see it. Wells - our best goal scorer. Scored Monday. Way off the pace of late I know, but surely our most likely to get a run going. Cut out the soft goals and let’s get this bloody season wrapped. COYR.
  21. I’d be more interested in using the time machine to see how this season plays out under LJ. Consensus is now that this is a bottom 6 ish squad. He had us in mid table, with an eye on the play offs... Food for thought.
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