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  1. I’ll be so much happier once he’s signed a long term deal. Get rid of any nagging doubts about him being lured away in the summer, or even us going for someone else we’ve wanted all along and were waiting for. We had so much stability under LJ and obviously have been without that for a while now, Pearson is the answer
  2. One of few players who could very well suit the wide positions in a 4-2-3-1. Thoughts for Weds: Bents: Sess - Maps - Kalas - Towler: HNM - Nagy: Semenyo - Palmer - COD: Fam. Leaves a nice strong bench including Hunt, Vyner, Walsh, Wells and maybe Bakes.
  3. Joelinton was a record signing too, so his wages are likely hefty. Wilson won't have been a cheap wage either. Could be a fire sale come June.
  4. My god we’re shit when we’re off it. They all look terrified if pressed. Press Bristol City and we will not shoot on your goal. Bloody joke at times this season.
  5. I understand this is a forum for debate, but I find any criticism of DB hard to stomach. You won’t find many a keeper who has single handedly earned more points (or at least stopped an embarrassment) than Bents for us.
  6. Warnock has had the same at Boro, 1 year I believe. Hopefully Pearson next!
  7. Rome wasn’t built in a day. And our fixtures finally ‘turn’ now, Feb and then today was a horror show of top 8 teams but smooth sailing here on in. COYR
  8. One of them wants a ‘10 game ban’ for the ref The nerve of them. They get more pens in a month then we get in a season. Good job tonight ref, great call.
  9. Less of that thank you, that's our hero and savior you're disrespecting!
  10. BCFCGav


    I think he's been good for us since we brought him in. Can't blame him for struggling out of position at LB. I wouldn't mind seeing him kept on as CB cover next year, assuming his wages aren't silly.
  11. Me and my pops were trying to untangle our current injured list today. We make it 16(!): Mawson, Baker, Dasilva, Rowe, Pring, Nurse, Williams, Walsh, Paterson, Lansbury, Weimann, COD, Ow Edwards, Opi Edwards, Adelakun, Martin. I get so frustrated hearing about some of the prem teams ‘injury crises’. Bore right off!
  12. Worth considering that while we’re letting a lot of contracts expire, surely lots of other clubs will too as covid hits wallets. Could be a very interesting free agent market this summer. The obvious example being we could let Fam go, and pick up Assombalonga on a free.
  13. God damn good spot.
  14. Just stumbled on his interview from post Barnsley last Saturday (how is that only a week ago..). Think he deserves a thread of his own after this week, that interview may have been our saving grace. SL must have seen how much he was hurting and how he couldn’t make any sense of the crap that was going on in front of him. He seemed exacerbated with how he was putting his ass on the line every 4 days for 90 minutes just to see out another loss. He’s been a warrior for us for years now and seemed miserable results were going so poorly, he’s clearly so invested in our club. 12 hours later SL’s calling NP. Cheers captain, you were excellent AGAIN today and no one deserves these points more than you. Hope he smashes it with the Czechs this summer, I’ll be proudly watching him as one of our own.
  15. So the one down side from a brilliant day - any news on Pato? Would like to see how he plays in a Pearson team that moves the ball forward!
  16. That combination is... confusing.
  17. Obviously Bentley has had a screamer. But some standouts for me are Bako, Vyner and Nahki.
  18. I’m buzzing for him. We all knew his quality, it was hard seeing it not go for him. He’s a bagsman in this league and I’m buzzing to see what’s next from him.
  19. WE ARE CITY, WE ARE CITY, PEARSON IS OUR KING. So excited for his tenure. 3 year deal please!
  20. Kalas would’ve ate him.
  21. GET IN THEEEEREEE!!!! Unbelievable. Absolutely ******* buzzing.
  22. This is one way to experience Pearson's first game I suppose...
  23. Fantastic mate, I’ll keep an eye on that. Thanks for the heads up.
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