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  1. Ashton also taking the credit of Ed Sheeran's success ... Without him, Ed would still be singing in pubs ...
  2. Totally agree ... Do you know who he is? He was sensible and realistic with his commentary and not as blinkered/brainwashed/scripted as osbourne. Can't wait to get in the ground next season just to block out any memories I have of robins tv.
  3. Thought he was outstanding. Rejuvenated under Pearson.
  4. Thank you sir Steve.. never doubted you, knew you'd come good for us in the end. Top, top man you are.
  5. Anyone know who 'luke' is sitting next to Ashton and our new Messiah?
  6. 15 times I've looked at this site today and still no news. .... Come on city sort it out ..
  7. Do it. Foundations he laid for Leicester... Incredible. No nonsense manager... He'll turn up the heat on the players. This will be an ideal appointment in my view. Not a yes man. Come on, get him. He can fight Ashton.
  8. Can't see Ashton's £500,000 salary being maintained in L1.... He's sensing trouble, Bet you any money he's lining up something himself to see him alright next season. Total Cockroach.
  9. Yes, due to the shit coaches backed by a shit board who have put in the shit infrastructure... Medical team, recruitment ... Shall we go on...
  10. The worry for me is that we'll have 15 players (inc 3 keepers) in our squad come the end of the season. High earners will go - kalas, bents, wells etc We'll have no players apart from the kids as we face up to L1 next season.
  11. Very sad. How on earth has it come to this.... Did you see Kalas at the end... No hint of being angry / spent/exhausted... No leaders, no Talisman....
  12. Uninspiring twaddle from the old man...
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