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  1. Agree... V shady dealings here. They're not as public as some of the larger gambling companies... why? they're an online company formed 3 years ago of very few employees based offshore in that tax Dodge of Malta... Any laundry? Don't sit right with me...
  2. Yes! Pleased with that .. get him on the roof...
  3. It's easy... Too much of a risk to Gerard if he fails in a championship club compared to the relative east of a 2team league.... Anything that ruins his path to Liverpool...
  4. So boring... What has this team become? So glad this is a dead rubber match... Otherwise we'd be down to L1
  5. Chill... I want Hugeton as well... He'll be a BIG coup for us....
  6. I don't want Houghton.. he was the one who managed us in old division 4
  7. Where's our Europa League qualification?
  8. Double sneeze?... A choose of two?
  9. Yep, agreed... But if you see that list of uefa pro coaches it's not exactly an illustrious list... And a small % are in management... How many managers would love the chance Lee has had...
  10. What the hell is going on with the coaching of, what is a really good team on paper? Too many systems, formations... Players clueless on what they're being asked to do I remember LJ featuring on soccer AM am on a coaching clip (you know the drill or so.ethibg like that) using Tomlin... Anyway, It was the most overly complicated/confusing drill I've ever seen... Just play it simple and stop thinking your this amazing tactical genius Just go please. Steve L - I love you but get this clown out... Its ruining my life
  11. Not aroused by lack of Box entries ... Please go.
  12. I thought watching the city again (albeit on North Korean TV, I mean robins TV) would be the highlight of the lockdown... after 3 games, My enthusiasm has gone... Damp squib. Think I might get my hair cut instead
  13. Any idea as to what the latest is with Adam? To quote LJ 'id rather keep that to myself for the moment ... Hoping he'll be in the squad next week' ... What does that mean?
  14. I'm in! Just kept trying and got there in the end.
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