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  1. Awesome! Thank you @PHILINFRANCE, @Kid in the Riot, @cidercity1987, @Red-Robbo, @Port Said Red and @Selred! Really looking forward to finally getting away and checking out these suggestions! The forum The posters Thinking of checking out a game in Budapest on the 19th of March. Ferencváros, Újpest and MTK Budapest all playing at home that day I think. Problem is its my partners birthday that day.....she'll love it I'm sure!
  2. Thanks @Maltshoveller will add that to the list!
  3. Hi, My partner and I are off to these three cities in March. 3 days Prague, 3 Vienna and 4 Budapest. Any recommendations, must see, must avoid? Thanks in advance! COYR
  4. From an article by Steve Madeley of The Athletic, Success at McDiarmid Park brought McInnes a chance to return to England as manager of Bristol City in October 2011. It was a spell that ended with the sack 15 months later and one which appears to have harmed his chances of future employment south of the border. It was a period, though, in which he kept the club in the Championship against the odds in his first season and one which he still looks on in a positive light. “They were bottom of the league when I went there and hadn’t won a home game all season,” McInnes says. “They were well adrift of second-bottom and had had four managers in five years prior to me. “I genuinely think I did some of my best work as a manager at Bristol City, especially in that first year when we managed to stay up. After that, I felt the club could maybe have supported me more to get rid of some players. “We had four different managers’ players in the dressing room and the club should probably have helped me make way for the players I was looking to bring in, but we were hemorrhaging money as a club and the squad was too big. “A lot of players were on very good contracts and it wasn’t really in their interest to leave. I was disappointed that I wasn’t really able to put my own stamp on it but by having so many players in the building, we weren’t able to get as much done as we wanted to. “I still felt we would have stayed in the division but unfortunately, I lost my job in January. “What we did was introduce a lot of younger players. Bobby Reid (now Bobby De Cordova-Reid) and Joe Bryan made their debuts as 16-year-olds. We brought Yannick Bolasie in from the reserve team and gave him an opportunity to play and the club sold him to Crystal Palace. “There was a feeling that the club needed to go down in order to come back up and maybe I was a casualty of that process.”
  5. You got your Mcinnes fans forum notes anywhere? Would be interested to see them!
  6. Get him on the Massengo weight training programme and give Baker a one month contract to teach him the art of smashing someone. More physical presence, less standoffish and more aggressive in the tackle next season please.
  7. Not worth a new thread, but I think Downsy did pretty well in the for Lisa Knight on Wednesday. The bloke gets a lot of stick but I thought his chat with the Tinman flowed nicely.
  8. Bournemouth, Derby, Watford, Norwich, Forest and Shef Weds are the only EFL sides that have coverage from their own Gregor reporting on them. They do cover other teams, but its one off pieces. I've asked when they will be covering City a few times now and they always say they are looking at expanding their coverage - which I read as when we go up they'll think about it. Been some good articles on Joe Bryan and his mental health, and recently the potential of Lloyd Kelly. I think its pretty good personally. Definitely worth a free trial.
  9. Is it possible to turn off the commentary and keep the 'crowd' noise? Or just mute the co commentator preferably.
  10. Yeah really enjoyed season 1 of All Or Nothing with the Cardinals but the team and coach have obviously changed a lot since then. Now on season 5 with the Eagles. But I'm now also watching the Michael Jordan doc on Netflix. So now I need a pair of classic Air Jordan High Tops. The need for sport, any sport, is strong! By the end of this lockdown I will be sitting on the sofa in an NFL shirt, Air Jordans, fishing waders and a water polo cap.
  11. Thanks Erithacus and sephjnr. Definitely going to try and work my way through the AON seasons. Guess I'll just need to wait for a sign to pick a team. A mate of mine supports Baltimore as he was watching The Wire (which is set there) when he started getting into NFL!
  12. Hi all, Just watching All Or Nothing with the Cardinals on Amazon Prime (no spoilers please). Never been into american football but you can probably guess why I'm now working my way through things like this. After at least 6-7 episodes I'm now ready to buy a full kit to sit on my sofa in and watch TV. Is there an NFL team most city fans support? Is there an american football revision of Bristol City? Or a city that most resembles Bristol? Cheers
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