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  1. RIP John Keep on fighting @Busterrimes
  2. Goodnight Rich RIP - Havanatopia OTIB Legend
  3. Today is Richard’s funeral, just a reminder that the Heineken Suite will be open to OTIB members from 5pm.
  4. I have just received the following message from the family of Richard, please try and make the day if you can: "Havanatopia – Richard Mark Brown – 25.01.66-06.08.21 – Gie, Pauline, Helen, Jeremy, Chris and the wider Brown family (in and around Clevedon) extend a warm welcome to all OTIB members to a ’Celebration of life’ at the Heineken Suite from 5.00pm (approx.) on Tuesday 24th August. We are all humbled at the response on the forum and would like to thank all members who have commented. Football fans, often maligned but we know we all have a heart of gold. We do not expect fans to come in black, just whatever they wish to wear but red, is most welcome! Whilst we will not know who you are and vice versa (except perhaps one or two) we think Richard would find that funny and be laughing to himself! So we will have to talk. Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday 24th. Up the CITY. “
  5. is that herd immunity?
  6. It was poor postional sense. Zak was almost square on, should be more in line with our goal and the winger making it more difficult to get past him. That can be put right and he needs to work on his turn of speed big time.
  7. from Richard’s sister: ”I have just read the comments to mum we are totally overwhelmed. In time or when you think appropriate could you post a message to say the whole family are quite overwhelmed and thank each and everyone that has taken their time to write. It is a comfort xx”
  8. Thank you for your kind gesture, but I’m sure everything is covered. If we can figure out a way to remember all past OTIBers I’m sure Richard would have fully backed such an idea.
  9. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but thought all should be aware that Richard (Havanatopia) passed away last Friday at Hammersmith Hospital after a lengthy illness. A regular contributor to OTIB over many years he will be sorely missed, RIP.
  10. In his interview on the Wembley turf after the 1986 final, he went on to say: ”…I know the financial situation, I’m not going to be the manager to put them back into bankruptcy. What I would like to do, with the boards approval is to try ‘n get us our own training premises because thats a tremendous asset. I’m thinking while I want success now I’m thinking that in fifty years when we’re all gone, Bristol City is still playing at Ashton Gate, I think thats very important. You know especially when theres thirty thousand come here, I mean if we get to the FA Cup we’ll take it all.”
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