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  1. Our awful injury rate in the latter days of Johnson and during Holden’s tenure were very much put down to poor practice within the club, but we seem to be in the same situation now. I thought we had sorted this with significant changes to the medical team, but we seem to be getting the same high level of non-contact muscle injuries. As the question was being asked two or three years ago, can this really be put down just to bad luck?
  2. Night of the Swallow … Kate Bush
  3. Nantucket Sleighride … Mountain
  4. As sure as eggs is eggs (aching men’s feet) … Genesis
  5. Digging in the Dirt … Peter Gabriel
  6. So this youngster, who no one has barely heard of, would be better than an established international?
  7. Not Fade Away … The Rolling Stones fancy an argument??
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