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  1. For what it’s worth I thought Pearson made the perfect substitutions tonight, and I’ve been very critical of his subs in the past. And as bcfc01 has pointed out: 2-0!
  2. It was pure frustration after being sandwiched by two Luton players and getting nothing from the ref. At least it demonstrated some passion and footballers are only human. Poor control of a match by the referee is often responsible for such incidents.
  3. Everybody’s Laughing … Phil Fearon & Galaxy
  4. I do take very mild issue with one phrase in your post (highlighted above). I maintain that the serious problems that Holden encountered and which did for him in the end were relatively short-lived, and critically came after the injury to Tommy Rowe. That’s not to say that the underlying problems didn’t exist - of course they did - but I do think that Holden was making quite a reasonable shot at it but was totally undermined by the ridiculous injury situation.
  5. Love is in the air … John Paul Young
  6. We went bankrupt in 1982! How much worse could things have got?! We are a transformed club now, even if mistakes have been made along the way.
  7. We didn’t get into the first division in 1976 by buying players, we got there by investing in youth. We then made exactly the same mistakes we’ve made recently: signing players we couldn’t afford and putting players on ludicrously generous contracts (we were one of the highest wage payers when we were in division one). This led to us going bankrupt and finding ourselves bottom of Division 4. Football was more straightforward in Harry Dolman’s day, but having got to the top division (which, let’s face it, was equivalent to today’s championship) we still managed to get it catastrophically wrong. Don’t fool yourself. Taking everything into consideration we’re probably better off now than we’ve ever been.
  8. Hole in the Ground … Bernard Cribbins (RIP)
  9. (I know, but I didn’t want there to be any misunderstandings! ) Space Girl … Ewen MacColl
  10. White Lines … Duran Duran (incidentally RW, I’d dispute any implication in the last connection that Simon & Garfunkel were ‘middle of the road’ - they were as close to the edge, or closer, than many so called ‘progressive’ bands of the era )
  11. Given the blanket coverage of the incident in the tabloids, i don’t think the club had much choice. I don’t think it was ever made clear whether Ayling’s departure was as a direct result of the incident. After all, other players on ‘that balcony’ remained City players (eg Marlon Pack).
  12. To be fair, for the first season that Riley and Neville played together Steve Neville couldn’t buy a goal. My memory is that Neville fared best next to Trevor Morgan….
  13. Because he was no worse than several other players on Saturday and had a good first half with another assist.
  14. Whatever happened to ‘one of our own’?
  15. Too Much Monkey Business… Chuck Berry
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