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  1. That’s a bit tough on O’Dowda. I know the guy only has to walk onto the pitch for half of OTIB to get the knives out, but to be fair the Peterborough match was his first start since the first game of the season due to injury!!
  2. So Cameron Norrie (born in South Africa, grew up in New Zealand) becomes our latest British tournament winner
  3. I’d love to agree with you, but we’ve had Wells for nearly two seasons now and whatever formation or line-up we’ve played, he’s failed to convince. He took the winning goal at QPR superbly, but on Saturday he missed three gilt-edged chances. I’d love to know his chances to goals ratio: my impression is that he needs a lot of chances to score a goal. He’s played in every possible position across the front line but nothing changes and presumably if Pearson thought he was a gem, he’d be starting him.
  4. We had to have three in central midfield to match their three. Something like Bentley Vyner/Simpson Kalas Baker Tanner King James Williams Dasilva Martin. Weimann
  5. Jamie Paterson demonstrating exactly what we’re missing….
  6. To be fair, Lee Johnson had four years, and for the first two seasons we progressed (11th in 2016/17; 8th in 2017/18). I doubt anyone would deny that 2017/18 was a very entertaining and satisfying season, albeit with a disappointing end when we failed to make the playoffs. You may have forgotten that Johnson was being talked about as one of the best young coaches in Europe. There were certainly signs that we were getting better and professing, but we started going backwards in 2018/19 after selling our best players. Pearson’s inability to win a home match, and his failure to take any responsibility for poor team selection and baffling substitutes would have done for many managers. I suspect that the patience of even the diehards may be beginning to wear thin. What we saw yesterday, after eight months of Pearson, cannot be regarded as progress in any form. The truth is that in very few matches, even the ones we win, are we playing well. Yes, we seem to be more resilient than in the recent past, but the flaws were there to be seen yesterday, in graphic detail. I want him to succeed but has a manager ever gone this long from the start of a managerial appointment without winning a home game, and I don’t mean just at City? I’m not saying sack him (though my son is) but there has to be some improvement because performances yesterday (including the performance of the manager) are simply unacceptable.
  7. My concerns are: poor team selection (why is Dasilva consistently left on the bench?); baffling substitutions; inability to change a game for the better. All significant failings by Pearson, which would have resulted in howls of criticism during the last two regimes. Last season we outplayed Bournemouth for 45 minutes at their place and forced them to change shape and tactics. I find it very hard to regard what I saw today as progress in any shape or form.
  8. I’m Henry VIII, I am … Herman’s Hermits
  9. Maybe he didn’t have a clear view from wherever he was, but I can assure Nige that from the Dolman you could clearly see young Tanner have a nightmare first half.
  10. Funny how O’Dowda always gets roasted, however he plays. He was arguably our best player in the first half and I certainly didn’t see the first goal stemming from a poor pass. It was James losing the ball that was the problem, but then the likes of James, Martin and Weimann rarely get criticised. Martin was absolutely abysmal today, but we don’t have thread on that.
  11. Very similar to the knee jerk celebrations and the hailing of Nige as the Messiah whenever we win away…
  12. Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar … The Jaynetts
  13. Please Don’t Touch … Johnny Kidd & the Pirates
  14. Your Feet’s Too Big … Fats Waller
  15. A long way from the half I saw him play in a pre-season friendly away to Brislington/Keynsham in 2015. Spectacular hair in those days, from what I remember.
  16. Winning 5-0 at Swansea in the 1989-90 season, with Bob Taylor scoring a hat-trick, and driving back along the M4 with everyone flying scarves from their cars.
  17. She’s a spent force. Needs to consider retiring IMHO.
  18. Come on Eileen … Dexy’s Midnight Runners
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