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  1. This annoys me every time I hear it. Unless you know where the commentary box is, it's meaningless.
  2. The fact we'll be back in the stadiums is something to look forward too.
  3. I missed (or more likely forgotten) about that. Plus it looks like others have tried this before... Short History of Reversible Soccer Jerseys – Soccer365
  4. Would be great PR for City if we could produce a reversible shirt. Home one side, away the other. Although, of course, commercially it wouldn't make sense. I wonder if any club has ever done this?
  5. Someone completely hammered near me cheered City onto the pitch and then slept for most of the game!
  6. Not in my block, still takes ages to get out at full time.
  7. "We still have the Goodie, have we?"
  8. Spot on. And something I've had to remind people many times. Flint being allowed to stay up front was madness from LJ.
  9. I used debit card and no fee.
  10. Quite some time ago too, but list of bonuses I've seen also included: - Guaranteed appearances, if player remained fit and available for selection (which may explain some odd substitutions towards the end of seasons) - Bonuses after a set amount of appearances (the player I knew dislikes one manager as he purposely didn't pick him for the one extra game that would have triggered this in his contract) Altogether the list was a good few sides of A4.
  11. About a million of them if that recent tweet is to be believed!
  12. Be interesting to see as renewals are for your old seat. Everyone who sits around me in the Dolman are all season ticket holders, so will we all be able to sit next to each other. Bloody hope so as seeing mates is part of the reason for going. Edit. Although aren't social distancing rules supposed to end in June?
  13. We'd manage to do it in the next season knowing City.
  14. Because we need to rebuild a squad and he's had success at doing that? I'm not trying to defend his time with us, just offering a possible reason for the extension.
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