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  1. And whatever muppet created that used an image of JB outside a court hearing!
  2. Any Senior Reds on here that were at the lunch when NP came in and spoke? I'm sure my Dad told me that NP said Martin was the quickest player at the club. Was that right? And if so... quickest at what because on the pitch it's not running.
  3. We've had zero 'box entries'!
  4. Perhaps it's advertising because it uses a 'product' not just the company logo? Sponsors promote a brand. Just a thought. Still seems really harsh though.
  5. And that they will be promoted. Hilarious to listen to him.
  6. "Shut up shop"... yeah because we're really good at doing that!!
  7. So are corners any different? A player picks out another player (or a space) and aims the ball towards it.
  8. Pointless waste of time.
  9. "until they hit the prem, which can’t be too far away now." Me too.
  10. Quite a few there predicting the correct score line.
  11. If it's as simple as rebalancing the volumes, you'd think that would have been tried already? So I guess we'll have to wait and see (or hear).
  12. Laner


    There have been road works at the top of Smyth this week - by The Clove. It's also been closed on occasions. So anyone driving this way be aware they may be even more traffic than normal. Plus some parking spaces are taken up by the ongoing work.
  13. How times have changed... wasn't Ferguson one of the loudest opponents of the stadium developments? But happy to use it to promote one of his businesses?
  14. This annoys me every time I hear it. Unless you know where the commentary box is, it's meaningless.
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