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  1. People starting threads with a statement and then saying "thoughts". Tell us what you bloody think first before asking others!
  2. Lovely goal. But at 6 nil down in the 84th munute, I doubt the opposition were putting any real effort in.
  3. And yet with all the tributes we've had, I can't think of one time the opposition has scored during the sixty seconds. Edit: Thinking about it, perhaps we should clap all game to keep a clean sheet!?
  4. The cost, I'd suggest.
  5. I wonder if the failed attempt by the defender to head it back to the keeper gave him the idea to do it?
  6. Alan Davies - Arsenal
  7. And renamed them... Ipswich Town Football Cub!
  8. I wish I hadn't now but look what I found... https://krusteez.com/product/bristol-city-hawaiian-shirt/
  9. In the world before sat-navs, pubs and football pitches were my map of Bristol. Could get almost anywhere using these for guidance.
  10. I've just found the answer. Website updated today says a rise of between £15 and £20.
  11. For all the reasons given in the thread. But as a side question, what do the prices rise to post 1 June when the 'advanced price' is removed? I can't find that anywhere on the website.
  12. Works in rugby as the captains tend to be closer to the ref when the decision is made. Not the same in football. Depending where the incident takes place, we could have defenders and goal keepers having to run half the length of the field (or more) to speak nicely to the ref.
  13. And Forest. Although quite early into the season.
  14. I wonder where the genie will pop up next? Imagine being at the theatre and someone rushes the stage to secure a prop or two!?
  15. Laner


    "Stealing Victory" is a great listen. Tells the story of the World Cup being stolen in 1966.
  16. Took about 6 weeks to get my two children's first ever passports. Now waiting for their birth certificates to be returned (3 weeks and counting at the moment).
  17. PeterboRough Definitely what you could call a few of my Saturday night romances!!
  18. What would happen if no countries bidded for the Euros? Where would it be played? Virtual tournament on PlayStation?!
  19. Laner

    Injury Time...

    If it was me, I'd have used the towel to wipe down the ball to kill a few more seconds, whether we planned a long throw-in or not.
  20. Laner

    Throw ins

    I get that, but who chooses? Being the home team and without Kalas, I'd have said "no" to them today.
  21. Laner

    Throw ins

    As Kalas wasn't playing I was suprised the towels were available. Or is it a rule they must be there?
  22. Also missing the defensive contribution that Diédhiou offered when he was here. Often it was his header clearing a corner.
  23. But poor business to extend his contract in the first place.
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