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  1. Why the full amount if only the windscreen was dirty? Hope you're not trying to feather your nest?!!
  2. So technically when games were played behind closed doors in the first lockdown our attendance would still have been 10/12k (remaining season ticket sales)? Despite the fact the stadium would have been empty.
  3. But they're not finding loopholes. The government guidelines state "attendance" not "capacity".
  4. As long as she's sat in the row behind you!!
  5. Cus they're a bunch of ******s who think they're better than us.
  6. It's the players place of work, so technically not a 'venue' for them.
  7. Thanks for the recommendation... a great funky way to carry on the good feeling from last night's game.
  8. I agree with the sentiment of your post, but unless the players swapped in are an exact like-for-like replacement, then tactics must change. Wells and Semenyo are different players to Martin so tactics must change to make sure we feed them with the balls/passes they prefer.
  9. It hasn't been all season - certainly not in the Dolman. Can easily walk up and get a drink with very little queuing before games.
  10. I'm fortunate to live about a five minute walk from the ground and know parking isn't great. And hasn't been helped by the council decisions e.g. extending the RPZs. But I do wonder sometimes, why people think they can turn up to an event of 20,000(ish) people and park in the roads directly around the stadium at 2:30pm?
  11. Laner

    Top Gear

    Expect lots of traffic jams, bus/cycle lanes and roads closed for pedestrians then.
  12. As they've found out in Bath, these zones can just create more traffic and pollution in the outlying areas. In your case you could drive down Ashton Drive to get on the ring road spur and them come back in along the Long Ashton bypass. Not ideal and a longer journey. Sadly people with no other viable options will have to find these different routes. And that's the key point in Bristol, we've not got any real cost-effective "other viable options".
  13. No. The longer the prognosis the more likely it would be to bring in cover. But the tickly question to answer would be 'how long do we wait?' Also I wonder who would be available as short term cover. Yes, we can all name names and look-up managers who are out of work... but realistically would they really want to jump onto the sinking ship at this time, even for only a few months?
  14. Spot on. Initial cover would be found internally... which is exactly what City have done.
  15. With his latest stupid comment.. Spurs should be the last place he ends up.
  16. Nuno Espírito Santo... every time I hear his name it always sounds like something the Pope would say during mass.
  17. No long throws tonight please. They're not working.
  18. And whatever muppet created that used an image of JB outside a court hearing!
  19. Any Senior Reds on here that were at the lunch when NP came in and spoke? I'm sure my Dad told me that NP said Martin was the quickest player at the club. Was that right? And if so... quickest at what because on the pitch it's not running.
  20. We've had zero 'box entries'!
  21. Perhaps it's advertising because it uses a 'product' not just the company logo? Sponsors promote a brand. Just a thought. Still seems really harsh though.
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