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  1. If City were smart they would appoint a spokesman to handle the media as journos will try to wind Nige up to get a headline
  2. I think that Wembley way is the problem. It is a funnel on the way in and way out. A terrorists dream. Once you have large numbers of people hell bent on trouble, mixed in with legitimate ticket holders in that space the police have no chance. Not sure what the answer is Probably there needs to be at least 1 more approach and tickets must be shown to gain access. If this check point is further from the ground at least the police have some chance. Another idea is only light beer on sale at and within 2 miles of the stadium. Sydney did this during the Olympics and it worked well. The biggest shame is that as a nation some parts of society feel that you can't have a great time unless you are totally off your face.
  3. If you allow your best assets to run down their contracts and leave for nothing, how else can you finance a replacement?
  4. We concede 2 goals in a tournament and you want an alternative centre back pairing?
  5. I think in years gone by goalkeepers were not 7ft tall and if they were they to 5 mins to get to floor level
  6. Will he stay at Fulham or get snapped up by a prem club?
  7. Although the Euros have been a bit strange with some teams like us basically playing at home and others travelling all over the place but one really positive thing shines out for me. This is the quality of refereeing. Finally players are being allowed to tackle and when players fall over from a puff of wind they are ignored. It is amazing how quickly the players have realised that the Refs have wised up and have cut out a lot of the awful play acting as it is getting them nowhere. I just hope this approach is replicated in all levels of football in England.
  8. If you had daily access to the serious German press as I do (my wife is German) you would know that your comment is uninformed.
  9. I seems since we left their little EU club they seem to do everything they can to take revenge
  10. I think there are a bunch of players with unrealistic money expectations. I think they will hold out for a while but when the penny drops and they realise its a buyers market there is be a flurry of activity
  11. Lets hope Fam doesn't get the same idea
  12. For me Shaw is the stand out weak link here
  13. I just hope we select some great youngsters and give them the right to express themselves.
  14. Maybe he is another Pogba who prefers to play for his country than the people who pay him
  15. Rashford has never worked out well as a central striker. Why put him there when you have a natural 9 on the bench
  16. He said Kane will play, so forget the high press or the ball sticking when we play it long. I can forgive lack of form, lack of touch or lack of timing but for lack of effort there is no excuse especially from the Captain. This unconditional preferential selection cannot be helping team spirit. For me Southgate spend the whole time with fear all over his body language and this gets passed onto team. If the Portugal says win at all cost, I think the message from Gareth is "don't lose at all cost. Very sad with the talent he has available to him
  17. Not sure how popular the hotel would be unless it had a great conference program. If I was a visitor to Bristol I can think of far nicer locations to wake up in.
  18. Amazing how time lets us remember good times and forget bad. I remember a big group outside of the players entrance shouting Dicks out on more than one ocassion
  19. If we had 2 decent centre backs we would walk this competition. As it is Southgate is scared to attack because he knows the defence is weak
  20. Who in his right mind would take that job?
  21. That why they will never win anything with this manager. He is not brave enough to sub a keeper in case it upsets De Gea. How this guy gets picked in front of Henderson beats me
  22. Its an employers market. Supply and demand has tipped towards the clubs and the players have to accept it
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