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  1. I sense we'll get battered in this game, and emerge 1-0 winners - Andreas Wineman with the goal on 3 minutes.
  2. This club, under the watch of Ashton, has been run into the ground. It is nothing short of a miracle that we are still a championship team. The failings are multiple and systemic. Overpaid players / players who came in for big fees on big salaries who haven't delivered Players who aren't good enough Players who disappoint on a regular basis Players who don't have the mental strength to win (especially at home) Players who can't manage a game A medical team intent on injuring players Players who were discontented with how their injuries were managed Scattergun recruitment No plan to replace our best players when they left No system or identity of playing No plan to recruit into a system A stadium which is sterile and lacks atmosphere A massive bloated squad , which pushed us to the limits of FFP A massive bloated squad, which caused discontent A lack of "right mindset" from top to bottom (re winning mentality) No money to recruit players Poor to non-existent COVID strategy and plan Lack of contract negotiation These are just off the top of my head. If you think this will be fixed in a season, where we have brought in four players on frees or small fees then you're absolutely living on another planet.
  3. That man in bold. Worst player I've ever seen in a city shirt. Period. (I missed the Bas Savage reign of terror). And for me, Bob Taylor. What a peach of a player he was, with Turner, such a handful. You always thought we would score 2 a game.
  4. Also XG doesn't take into account that "Andi couldn't hit a barn door with a banjo" Weimann, couldn't hit a barn door with a banjo.
  5. So much for “ never a better time to play Swansea”
  6. we'll be up by Easter.
  7. is this a thread about recruitment by any chance? TBF, you raise the right point. What is the footballing philosophy at BCFC? Or the much maligned identity that LJ used to talk about. The reality is, that we lost the identity. Or rather - did we EVER have it? I posted before about doing it the Bristol City way. Yes, we must learn from all the above in your OP @billywedlock. And Pearson is probably one of the best placed "managers" to do this. I would love him to eventually become the DoF and conduct the orchestra, that he no doubt is starting to recruit . I still don't get how people think we'll suddenly become loads better with Pearson. He inherited a shit show. From unfit, unavailable players to a data driven (laugh) recruitment process, to a medical team that got a bonus for every hamstring they tore. This is a MASSIVE job. 3-4 years minimum.
  8. Basically @numerouno just saved me a lot of bother. Last year the club became toxic. anybody who has worked with toxic people and a toxic culture at work will tell you it takes years to sort it out - properly. We STILL have mostly the same squad. You can’t just “get rid of the toxic element” in football. Until as player is sold or released. Footballers don’t get sacked. I think we’re probably 4-5 players short of being competitive (top 6). but we literally can’t get them this year because of FFP. people don’t seem to understand any of this
  9. What’s not to like about OTIB? Last week “where are all the goals coming from” This week “I predict we will win 2-0 or 3-0” LMFAO. Tense 1-0 thriller…
  10. Semenyo at 21 can definitely grow. Ian Wright played his first pro match at 22. There’s time. The question is, how much time will BCFC give him?
  11. And…I’m not going to disagree with you PF…but… you make a broad assumption whenever you state ‘elite athletes’ if the last 3 seasons are anything to go by, I’ve seen more athleticism from a hibernating tortoise.
  12. nope, it's not coming home. At all. Ever...
  13. I said nothing about other countries being better. . I wasn’t knocking the UK. and to respond about tax. If the rich paid more we’d be fine. They’ve got billions sloshing about if they paid their way there would be no poverty. No charity. No hardship. But they don’t.
  14. Q: Why does the NHS even need a charity? A: Multiple governments over multiple years have failed to fund the service adequately. Charities only exist because of the systemic failings of the market based economy. Essentially, if your poor, it's your fault and eff off and die a painful death in poverty.
  15. Isn't she retired?
  16. I’m especially impressed that Brexit has made its way into the Ukraine match day thread. I don’t think the EU is a small club? Seems to be a rather large, multilateral organisation. back to the game. Southgate will be cautious. And then got for the jugular at 70 minutes. It’s slightly dull, but very effective (so far)
  17. You missed the l off Lital. otherwise not a bad effort. 5 keepers in there. i think walshy is my favourite on this list. Quality.
  18. I’m not certain any critique of Holden is justified. He never should have taken the job. And who knows, behind the scenes was Ashton picking the team? It wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Luckily for us, big Steve reads the forum and he’ll be responding to this post on Radio Bristol on Monday night. in other news. I have high hopes for HNM, what a top young model pro he is…
  19. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2021/jun/19/harry-kane-left-looking-out-of-place-as-system-built-around-him-fails-to-click?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other I reckon that England vs Bristol City at Ashton gate might be the dullest game you would ever see. Neither side with a shot-on-target. Turgid, awful, chess playing crud.
  20. The same thing was tried at BCFC. Only our refunds went into Mark Ashton’s bonus.
  21. Apparently, how much England could shorten the 5 day game by.
  22. Unless Andrew Rolls was "head of performance"
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