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  1. Done their country proud there. Really good effort.
  2. Fair play to Comoros, they've tried to play when they can despite the odds. If they can keep themselves in it, you never know.
  3. Very harsh red. Didn't see any intent there.
  4. Chaker Alhadhu gets the shout as GK. Usually a LB. Remember the name!
  5. One of those clubs that makes you glad you support BCFC.
  6. One coelacanth is a lot!
  7. Definitely right behind Comoros tonight. Up the Coelacanths!
  8. Looks like they might have a keeper available after all. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/africa/60110971
  9. I honestly think it might be worth having a pinned Sky Red Button thread that shows when we are on. This gets asked nearly every game. Not a dig at you DS, it's a popular question is all!
  10. Yep, it's got a picture of Steve Claridge next to it in the dictionary! Albert's had a really decent career, played for some good clubs and got international recognition. Certainly another achievement to be proud of.
  11. Seems ridiculous they cant call up another keeper having 1 injured and lost the other 2 to covid. Hope whoever fills in has a blinder.
  12. For some reason i always think of Colin Cramb when i see that Lotto kit.
  13. He's got a Dayrider.
  14. Id like to see us build an unbeaten run. 5pts would be great but I'd take 3.
  15. So much natural talent there. Versatile, skillful, hard working, intelligent. If he doesn't play at a higher level then something has gone wrong. Potential Eng U21 call up on the horizon?
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