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  1. I think thats the first really below average game from James. He's been pretty consistant so far. So poor was pretty much everyone else it's hard to have a good game there without any real support. King will always be a squad player if our midfield is fully fit. He's got a goal and at least 1 assist i think so far which is fine if he is making cameos but i don't expect him to be starting twice a week. Possibly something not right on Sat, not 100% but we were so far off the pace as a whole it's hard to tell. We know all about Pato. I think he fits in better to that Swansea side that he would if he was still here. Can't see him as a Nige type of player. We need Massengo back and hopefully in the form he was before the inury. Depending on Williams and even if it's a shorter term one this time, we may well be needing to add a CM/DM to the Jan shopping list - if there is one! I don't dislike Bakinson, but the negatives are starting to outweigh the positives, could be one to move on or at least loan out come Jan.
  2. We were poor though. That's what grates. Hopefully Massengo and Atkinson will be back. Quite looking forward to WBA away, not so much Forest at home for obvious reasons.
  3. Afraid so. Hamstring again by the looks of it. Really feel for him. Just need to get him right, even if it takes most of the season to do so.
  4. Nowhere near the level needed to compete with a quality opposition like that. Injuries didn't help but very poor right through the side today.
  5. No more than we deserved. We look 2nd best in every area.
  6. Like the purple and lime but that's no classic.
  7. Is that Palmer wearing my grandmother's wallpaper?
  8. Fair play to Hungary, they played well. England off form for sure. Grealish off was an odd one and i don't think it did us any favours.
  9. Looks like a copper got sparked out in that crowd trouble. Fists and batons swinging all over the place.
  10. Did they come in a proper pint glass or one of those ridiculous tall Peroni ones that are just asking to be knocked over once everyone's had a couple. Bloody nightmare if there are 5 or 6 on a table.
  11. That's a nice touch. Make it a double!
  12. It's started going a bit Sunday league. Players need to rise above it and focus on the football. Not tested the keeper enough but it's going to open up more as the game goes on.
  13. Anything less than 4 or 5-0 would be a poor result tonight. Half expecting more.
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