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  1. Gazred

    Alex Scott

    Very mature and solid 45 by Israel, good goal to. England well off it.
  2. Indeed. I do think there is some possible succession planning being considered. Keep your options open at least.
  3. Potential manager for us in years to come?
  4. Seen it many times on here. When stuff gets real, football goes out the window. Just one big family and a bunch of decent people. Keep posting ITN and best wishes to you.
  5. Good move for him. Might be as high a level as he ever plays but with a tidy sell on clause in there we are well covered if he does start banging them in. Best of luck Psycho!
  6. Was half expecting...be on the red button? Pin a thread on that this season please mods
  7. Gazred

    Alex Scott

    That's a lovely strike to pull one back.
  8. Gazred

    Alex Scott

    Another cracking header.
  9. Gazred

    Alex Scott

    Israel 1 up v France at HT in the other semi.
  10. Remember him as a player. Seems he's spent the last 10 years coaching at Charlton. Most recently as a first team coach. A surprise addition. Presume this is full time and perm?
  11. Gazred

    Alex Scott

    Brilliant comeback. Well done England and AS. Shout out to both keepers who I thought played well.
  12. Gazred

    Alex Scott

    Excellent, well done lads. Now see it out.
  13. Gazred

    Alex Scott

    Ghosted in, cracking header.
  14. Gazred

    Alex Scott

    Pretty even really. Can see AS on early 2nd half.
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