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  1. Think Atlanta vs Tampa will probably be eventful and fun if nothing else. Matt Ryan is playing awesome and Jameis Winston will either throw 5 touchdowns or 5 picks! It's Tua bad about that last Miami play. I can't believe we went for a Tua point conversion instead of kicking the EP. Noone should pity us though, everything's going according Tua plan. 11 Tua go.
  2. I think the interesting battles are central midfield and central defence. I really want to see how Massengo and Nagy play as a two and behind Palmer. I saw the Brownhill for England thread but is he actually good enough to play ahead of his competition here?! Interested to see Eliasson left and Brownhill right side of a 4 as well. I think Kalas and Baker are 1 and 2 in any formation. I'd probably play Williams between them in a 3. He's technically better than Moore.
  3. Jack Hunt has been awesome this season. He has IMO won us games with his bravery and crosses. I'm surprised and delighted by how he's doing. Last season however he got targeted over and over on diagonal balls and absolutely annihilated by pacy wingers. Every attack seemed to come down that side! Bringing in a more athletic and defensively better right back was a priority for me. Pereira fits what I wanted exactly from what we've seen. Hope he stays. Good identification and fix of a clear problem. I compare Hunt and Pereira in the same way I view Bryan and Dasilva. Both are very effective championship players, only one has true Premier League potential, and that's our aim.
  4. He's done well since the Leeds game and is getting better. We do need to see if he can play alongside Kalas. One of them has to be able to play on the left side. I'm happy he's taking his chance as it's really helped the club, if Webster hadn't been sold/we signed the replacement we wanted and Kalas/Baker injured he wouldn't have got it though! Sometimes players need that lucky break. And he worked hard so he was in a position to seize the opportunity. Don't revise history here.
  5. I know you were memeing about the Dolphins losing this week but with the Texans winning, the Washington team and the Bungals losing it did turn out to be another poor week! Steelers lost which is helpful. Tua bowl 1 next week. A must lose game!
  6. That was a close game. Too close. But with the offense getting like 13 yards in the second half, missing two field goal and the defense giving up 15 yards on 3rd and 9 consistently we all worked together and got the loss! Bye week and then the biggest test of the season at home to Washington. Important game with the Bungals vs Steelers. Bungals are awful and need a QB and we have the Steelers first round pick. Cheering for Andy Dalton makes me sad! Let's Bungal! Go Bungals! Whatever it is they say!
  7. I would say that the current team is doing an excellent job of being the worst team ever. We are worse than expansion teams. Historically bad. Two big tests coming up. The self imploding Chargers who you can never count out messing things up and a team I actually think we can compete with from Washington! Our owner obviously loves Michigan and we just signed Taco Charlton prior to the Cowboys game! Hop in the fish tank!
  8. That's it. Tank for Tua and he sucks it becomes Tank for Trevor. Just no more Tannehills (Herbert/Fromm)
  9. So, we have two first rounders in 2021 and two second rounders in both years as well so even if we keep messing it up at QB we're going to keep swinging until we hit something. As long as we keep trading down and generating more picks it doesn't matter if we hit. When we eventually hit we then have to get it right with the boatload of picks and in free agency. That's the plan anyway! We'll see! We need the non QB high picks to be good though.
  10. Yeah I went to it too... the game where we went to London but our head coach did not come back! Suh is STILL the third highest cap hit on this current team. He was a very good player, but a signal of what we do wrong. Overpay. Yup, we're sick of our last good team being before a lot of people even supported the team!
  11. Essentially yes. We purged most of our terribly constructed and overpaid roster and have not signed anyone to the point where we were going to struggle to beat anyone. Then we traded most of the remaining talent (for excellent value) so the team is even worse. We would trade literally anyone on our roster at the minute. We're a dumb franchise who has consistently failed to draft well, has consistently tried to paper over the cracks with expensive and average free agents and consistently achieved absolutely nothing for two decades so we're hitting the big fat reset button as a desperation move/longer term plan. We have the worst team in football, because we've been so badly mismanaged. So we can spend all our money in an attempt to go 8-8 again or just suck it up for a year and actually try to get a can't miss franchise QB which we can build around. We're kicking the tires on Rosen to see what we have but more likely... That's Tua, so we need that first overall pick. Realistically the aim is to be competitive in 2021
  12. Because it was done before the rumour/news got out.
  13. I think as Palmer wasn't available, we got Szmodics in what seems like a too good to turn down deal. I guess the plan then was to have Paterson and Szmodics compete for that place/position when we used it. Then Palmer became available, so we have three for that role, and that's too many. We can't loan out a player we just convinced to come compete for a first team place so we loan out Paterson which is why Johnson sounded a bit agonised (IIRC) about it, because he might have been our second best player in the 10 role in LJs mind. I think it's really difficult for Sammy. He has a younger better player in front of him, and we have really good options (O'Dowda and Eliasson) to switch the system rather than going like for like if things aren't working. So his only opportunities it seems are Palmer getting injured/suspended or his form falling off completely. Then he has to perform a better than the Palace and QPR games. LJ talking about his training is a nice nod, a good managerial technique, but he's not used Sammy at all, and we've been in multiple situations where we've needed to score. It feels like he's the 4th/5th attacking option off the bench, and we can only use 3 subs. It gets worse when people are back fit. We'll need a place in the 18 for one of Massengo, Nagy or Brownhill soon. Afobe is available so need a place for him. That's ignoring Jay Dasilva, Tomas Kalas and Korey Smith. Where does Sammy fit into that? Not sure he does. I can absolutely see him not making the bench with a healthier squad. There's a lot of pressure on him to play well the first time he gets on the pitch too. Worst comes to worst he'll roughly maintain or even increase his value like Eisa though if we decide to move on in the summer.
  14. Sure, we'll let the punter do the kickoffs. Won't need anyone for anything else. For Adam Gase, the price is 3 years of my life back and 2 first round picks.
  15. That's why I'm paying so much attention to college QBs... I think this was the worst football team ever assembled. And then it's been deliberately sabotaged. We have two good players on the roster. One of them is the kicker. I think we have a 4 slim chances to win though. vs Washington, the injured Jets and the Bungals at home and the Giants away. We've lost by an average of 46 points at home. So next up, a trip to Jerryworld.
  16. He has two years of eligibility right? I think. Tua Tagovailoa will be number 1 in 2020 Trevor Lawrence will be number 1 in 2021 Obv things change so fast with QBs and drafting though!
  17. I agree that I've belittled you posts. I would absolutely say that making stuff up about another posters views to make a point deserves belittling. It is useless after all. Why did you do that by the way? Why do you keep doing so? I don't think YOU are useless by the way. You've written you were belittled and that was not the intent. Your posts are not you! I hope! I accept a wide variety of views, I just don't have to agree with them so that's not true either. I'd like to discuss them but we have posters like you who make stuff up rather than discussing the reality of what's been said. Why you always lying? You've engaged with this thread to tell me you're not engaging with me. I do wonder if you shouldn't learn the lessons you said about turning the computer off and going outside? Please. Unless you want to actually talk about football in any way that relates to reality, I think I'll leave this convo here.
  18. It's hard to do that. But there was a break which showed the problem. Palmer was running forwards and the people ahead of him weren't making good runs quickly so he ultimately didn't pass the ball and got tackled. I think eventually there was a good pass on but it took so long to develop the chance was lost. He can also play great balls to full backs running on even when the opposition is defending. The pass at Birmingham City to Tommy Rowe is a great example of that. LJ said he put on another forward to press them. That made them defend deeper. If he wanted to do that and take away Palmer's strengths why didn't he take off Palmer first? He ended up sticking Weimann wide when we could have done Moore for Eliasson to make that a better fit too. Why do I need to? I think he performed poorly yesterday. It worked but that doesn't mean it's good or the right (optimal) thing to do hence the discussion! That doesn't make sense. Talking football has to be talking about all of the game? I'm not allowed to just focus on either the positive or negative side or make a point about a narrower context? Please edit your positive comments to include all the negative viewpoints then! So the overall, bad start, go a goal down, outplayed, could have been 2-3 down, bad tactical change bringing on Semenyo who did very little except congest the middle of the field. We did have a chance with Weimann and one with Semenyo though but we did not play well, and ultimately those chances weren't successful. Positive part was the good combination of half time "livener", and or the tactical change to create width finally and Jack Hunt stepping up, bad tactical change then to sit back not go for another goal. I don't think there were a huge amount of positive things from LJ yesterday so the majority of my comments about LJ yesterday will be negative. I was very positive about Jack Hunt. What do you think were the positive aspects of LJs management yesterday? What did he do well in your view?
  19. It took you a long time to actually get to making a point that counters something I actually said! After making things up to disagree with! I think it was "quite clear" that Jack Hunt was braver yesterday than the other players based on that criteria yes. Which other players did that yesterday as much as he did in your view? "you’re being a little obnoxious" It's not batting away reasonable criticism it's batting away posts who make up things that I've said. Like this. So I don't ever say this. But this poster has made up that I don't like Lee Johnson. When I do. Why would someone do that? You also have made things up that I did not write. Why did you? Remember that? That's why you get batted away. Because you made stuff up. It's not reasonable to make things up. I'm calling you out on it. If you find being called out for making stuff up obnoxious then don't make things up! If you posted what you posted and say why in the top post I quoted we can have a conversation about the game. Why didn't you do that first?
  20. I feel that's giving publicity to it. So not sure that's a great response. Just post the picture maybe with the caption / hashtag? Or come out much stronger against this racist garbage. I feel like this is caught in the middle ground? Where we acknowledge it thus giving it publicity, but don't really say or do anything about it.
  21. Yeah I'm totally a different type of football fan to you. I get that, i make that point line one in post one. I love the game though. Why do you keep telling me you don't want to analyse the game? Can't you be happy with the result, and leave others who are also happy with the result but want to discuss the performance and tactics to do that? What is this burning desire of your to shout "I don't care!" You claim purity of enjoyment, so you think the way I enjoy the game is less valid or less worthy than the way you do? That's made up. I'd like him to learn from the game and especially the problems he brought up. Said this multiple times now. You're reading between the lines. Just read the lines. It's not learn MY lessons, it's learn THE lessons. Neither of you want to talk football.
  22. There's no insinuation, I'm literally saying he is. Why did you make up that I said we only have one brave player? Yes we have scored other goals from crosses. I've certainly not denied that! I am absolutely saying that stepping up when others around you are not, and taking people on and putting in effective crosses amounts to football bravery. What are you disagreeing with?
  23. I make no case to show that I am an expert. And if you want to make up that I have then that's on you. I make no attempt to teach LJ. I stand by the point that I want LJ to learn lessons from what he did this game and do better in the future. See post 48 for my point on tone. I think I'm a supporter who has the opportunity to post an opinion that criticises and/or compliments the manager and players whatever the result of a game thanks to this forum. I'm not hurt by anybody's comments, I will defend what I said though. Do you think LJ could have done anything better than what he did today?
  24. What I've absolutely love for people to do, is to say why I'm wrong, rather than we won coz we won and everything is great. Being third is really cool I'm delighted with the club. I want to debate todays game and the problems I saw. Stop making stuff up about what I wrote.
  25. That's not what I said at all. Why make stuff up? "he's the bravest player we have, as he actually tries to take people on and cross the ball. Way too many players shirking the responsibility of making that run, or trying to deliver a hard pass today, and he stepped up." He's the bravest. Not the only brave one. You're saying you disagree with something I didn't say! And yes it's about today!
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