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  1. When the fun stops, stop. Supporting Danny Simpson, isn't fun for me. I won't get entertainment from cheering on a convicted abuser. Therefore there's no point in me investing time and money and emotional capital into an entertainment company that no longer entertains. I will not be following City anymore.
  2. I support Bristol City, I think it's best for Bristol City to be the dominant force in as big a catchment area as possible. I don't want them to go out of business though at the extreme, the loyal and true blue few 3000 and the millions locked out shouldn't have to have their club disappear. I get my enjoyment from chasing the dream of winning it all as a club. So I'm pro Bristol City up to the point where it becomes insanely unethical. Cheating FFP, or employing violent scumbags etc. But some fans want to have a good time through the matchday experience/atmosphere as the priority. Our last league game was when Phillips saved the penalty for the 1-1, and they went down eventually. I was there for that. INCREDIBLE. 20 years nearly IIRC, early April right?. But I want to chase the more incredible moment of what Leicester City had as a bigger priority. And what I think gets us there and keeps us there, is being the one (big) team in Bristol.
  3. Maybe will view my interpretation as uncharitable but We prepared properly They Are Who We Thought They Were (and we let them off the hook) Individual mistakes, no excuses. Planning for next chapter. So essentially, he's understood that the players are not good enough, he's decided that we're ambitious enough and has the resources to change that, and that he wants to be a part of that. So can he find talent, or can he find someone who can find talent? That's the crucial part. Keeps coming back to recruitment IMO.
  4. It's only complementary in light and not dye.
  5. We have a nice bunch of lads, so what if we change he stadium colour to a friendlier colour? Yellow is the friendliest colour! Who's top of the league? It's no coincidence! Who is second? Just saying...
  6. I mean he seems very aware and not so desperate. So unless it's all a bunch of lies from him or Pearson, it's Med Team or pure bad luck! Caus if everything is right, and it still goes wrong, you can't blame anyone, you just got to deal with it, and that's hard.
  7. 1. Outlets to move the ball up the field. Which of the players wingers, strikers, 10s etc can receive the ball and hold it long enough to allow people to move to support them. Who is a threat in behind? 2. Lack of mobility/quality in central midfield. These players have to have the ability and desire to get forwards and create passing opportunities both as goal threats and as options to receive the ball. 3. Who has the quality to beat a player straight up? Semenyo sometimes. Where are the difference makers against a team that sits in. It's hard, but we don't really have them. We need space and counter attacking opportunities to do well. Since LJ became afraid after burning his players out with the high press, we're so slow and insipid.
  8. Trying to think of academy players, who played a reasonable amount at a young age 19 ish, who I didn't think had any special qualities. Joe Burnell. There we go, that's the proof then. Your need to make things up is funny. You can just disagree. Why would I care where they're from? What incentive are you making up for me to do so? How much do they cost, how much do they offer, do they have traits that I think are worth investing in. That's it. No agenda,
  9. Ryan Giles who tormented us when he was on loan at Shrewsbury vs Hunt is SCARY! he was able to run around Pereira, so very scared for Hunt. Surprised no Olusunde for the O'Dowda match up. Don't really watch them enough to have huge opinions on what they're doing. For us, Walsh and Massengo I think has the same issues Lansbury and Massengo does in that it lacks physicality in midfield. Up to them to show the quality to bypass that. I know he's coming back to fitness, but Walsh hasn't shown much in his sub appearances. It's be great to see him show some of that Coventry form today! Or just a few signs he's getting there. but nice to see that he's not a risk from injury so can start games again. COYR. Whoever is out there, let's win this!
  10. Ok, so to answer the q. Birmingham I rarely watch because they're not fun. And they're not good. and I don't support them , so I have a choice, I found it very hard to judge individual performances against them in the game. Everyone looked good, Watkins looked pacey, Palmer was able to go away/stay away enough from a player for his goal, same for Wells, I don't think that's normal. So while Massengo was good, Lansbury was fine too. Do you think if we had any other midfielder playing that would have changed anything? What did Massengo uniquely bring to the game that anyone else couldn't have? Blackburn showed me a couple of things through observation. Rothwell, who I've not really paid attention to before, gives a direct comparison on the field about what top level athleticism is in that position in this league. I think there's a clear difference. Holtby was really good with movement and showing for the ball. These are older experienced players, but that's the competition level. Were they good enough to completely break us down, no, but they were much closer than we were with our 26% possession. I thought Massengo was fine in his role, but those two players showed high levels in different aspects which I think really can affect a game. No, they're not perfect. Massengo showed good tactical discipline, didn't look out of place compared to anyone else. Didn't feel like a good team performance to me. Was he a real difference maker in that game either? Well maybe, maybe he is the most tactically disciplined midfielder we have. But you know who does that job for Wales and wouldn't have cost us £2.5m+ obviously as his biggest fan You currently have us trying to offload Nagy for next season, I'm fine with that, but i think Nagy now, is a better player. He to me has shown more performances which make a difference. Do you think Massengo is better now? Or is it just his age and hope? Do you think we need to upgrade our central midfield area? I think Williams is a good level championship player, I have questions over his fitness, but I have questions over everyone elses suitability as it stands.
  11. I think, because even when we've been bad under Pearson we're organised and motivated, and if we're organised and motivated, we should have the quality to beat Rotherham. Barring individuals making horrific errors. The baseline performances under Pearson allows me to be at least optimistic going into a game.
  12. Genuinely, to make sure there's understanding. Do you understand that the point about the results when he plays is related to a specific comment and not about my views on his ability? Because when you say "you've got something to hang your evaluation on", and "you can point to team results as a form of evidence" that's telling me you don't get the two are unrelated. I've posted I think 3-4 times that they're separate. Multiple ways.
  13. Good (very early) morning Ostriches! Once you wake up, get your head out the sand it's matchday! Rotherham... For those who don't know have had another outbreak of Covid in the squad so before Tuesday had a two week gap in fixture so how much does form mean in this situation? They have an extra days rest on us, but like maybe half of them had Covid, so does that matter either? It didn't matter when we had an extra day vs Barnsley. So we don't get to complain or use it as an excuse IMO. their manager Paul Warne will be missing the game. The first game we played against them this season was a sign of things to come. The first time? I think that's when the Honest Dean Holden moniker died for good. They're good at set pieces (7th highest amount of goals). Using the horrendously unfair tactic of stacking their players, then running in different directions to confuse our poor brave honest lads! We're bad at defending them as we've the worst record of goals conceded from set pieces! But they're weak there too as they're in 3rd. We've been celebrating corners and shots this year, so it's no surprise we're 23rd at scoring from set pieces! This is a game where it's important for each player and the team collectively to show they have the individual quality to beat a bottom team at home. I expect them to have a bit more spirit than Birmingham, if not more quality. I want people to show why they're good enough for next year. And there's no way we lose 6 times in a row at home! ... ? ... Kinda expect some changes. O'Dowda did the press conference and he's been very good against these low level teams. Also in central midfield we maybe have some competition with potentially Massengo, Lansbury, Walsh, Bakinson, Nagy and Vyner to pick from coming off a game where we had 26% possession. Does Fam get rested (dropped)? COYR!
  14. I just find it weird that people spend so much time making stuff up about me! As long as this is the only way you imagine me I guess it's ok!
  15. Yeah, absolutely you tailor responses to what people say and how they try to prove it. There's this great quote I read. "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts" - Daniel Patrick Moynihan So when someone makes up a fact like you did, I will use actual data to prove them wrong.
  16. I don't think I can be clearer than I was in a previous response on the thread. There's two separate issues. 1: How I view the player. Pure opinion. I look at the player and give my view. That's it. Han Noah Massengo is ok! Don't see the special* 2: The factual contribution he's made to the league position of the team. You can argue about that if we had won a bunch with him in the team right? Who is responsible for how much of a victory? And you can't judge how much a single player is at fault in a loss, or it's hard to. But you can say, when he's played we haven't picked up many points, so he's definitely* not significantly positively contributing to the top half league position of 13th. He's very low on your tables when it comes to +/- points for example. Again specifically replying to a point made, and it's absolutely not a we lose Massengo = bad. I thought that was wrong, so I proved it wrong, and showed the working. Hope that clears up the confusion.
  17. He's good enough that when Bakinson is in the doghouse and he has no other fully fit options he plays. We'll see when everyone is fit where he really is. Pearson also seems to have the same pecking order policy that Holden does, where if you win you stay in (except for fitness) so we have to take that into account when players are selected. I hope he gets better, I hope we see it or sell him for a massive profit. On that we can agree I hope. Cheer up!
  18. No, you obviously can play well and lose a game, and play badly in a winning team. I'm very much against the idea that results = performance. Again, results are not an indicator of personal ability in a team sport. even sports where you have much more control like a QB in the American football. Wins aren't regarded as a QB stat. But, you can't be in a team that is in relegation form when you play and it be said that you are significantly contributing to that teams success. Because there's little to no success when you play. (again excluding contributions off the pitch etc). You can claim that we might have been more successful if he's played every game if you want, but there isn't anything to support that as an idea except "I think he is good". which is fine right? It's just an opinion. So that's the difference between claiming something which is just an opinion "We'd be top of the league if he'd played every game!" which I just have to accept and I can't prove that wrong and "the facts are that he's been making significant contributions to our team" when the actual facts are, we have a terrible record when he plays. If instead in the game he started, we lost every one of them 100-0. that's only 5 points less of game state when he went off and a much worse goal difference. You can totally have the opinion that he's the greatest player ever and it's just a pure coincidence we lose when he plays because all the other players are crap and the manager is crap and it's not his fault at all. I don't think sensibly you can look at our position, and points total, and claim he's made a comparatively significant positive contribution to it. The data doesn't support it.
  19. You first! This is a bunch of IMOs of course. Brownhill>Smith>Pack Pack I thought was a player massively affected by what was going on around him. A non difference maker. except in a very specific situations, like when he had a bunch of space and a bunch of runners. Did the simple things right! Backwards and sideways, large % of passes complete! Wasn't upset to see him go especially for the alleged fee. Smith pre and post multiple injuries was different. I really liked him, when he was able to run around. The last season and currently for Swansea, he's just a guy (JAG), doesn't make a huge difference as a footballer when he plays. Wasn't upset to see him go. But if he's stayed as a squad player, fine. If you liked Pack, ok, if you liked Smith ok, then why was our midfield the way it was when they played together? Everyone else/ LJ? I had no problem after seeing Pack and Smith get overrun constantly with us trying to revamp the central midfield with Nagy and Massengo. if they were much better. However the value is very different, Pack outdid his transfer fee. Smith assumedly did too. AN, and HNM haven't at all. It's not that these level of players are terrible, and you can't win with them in the squad, (see Smith and Swansea) it's that you shouldn't fill your squad with them, and you shouldn't spend large resources on them. You can get a Smith for free. Johnson and Holtby who we just played are both out of contract in the summer, they're fine. You can find these players, you don't have to pay £2.5 million for them. Same with Nagy btw. these mid tier (money) signings go against the squad building philosophy I want the club to have.
  20. That's not it. I'm specifically debunking a claim that he's significantly contributed to a top half team by going through games played for said team and showing that we don't pick up points when he plays. Don't be confused there. It's not a way to determine individual ability at all, and I don't make that claim. There's nothing I can really say to an opinion that just says, "I've looked at this player and I think differently", after all that's what I'm saying. I can ask you to explain, but nothing more. If you choose to explain by making stuff up like the facts are that he making significant contributions, I might push back I respect well thought out opinions, even if they differ from mine, but not nonsense.
  21. I agree, we need a mirror world where he's not selected and someone else is We don't have that though. Well, I can't access it... No problem with someone pointing out the flaws, i am aware of them but it does need stating. The best you can do in football because of the chaos, is to look at the results when he's not in the team and you can factor in opposition, and injuries to the team ofc and other things. It's imperfect, but so is the understanding of the game. All of us. Anyone. No one I bet understands it perfectly. Ever come across anyone who's never made an error there? I certainly have! One thing is sure though, you can't claim he's made a significant contribution to the top half team, when we're a) not top half, b) when he plays we're in close to if not relegation form. You can't analyse how good of a player he is, but you can determine his role in picking up points quite closely. Because we've picked up so few when he's played! Of course he could make the other players better by his training performances, maybe he's good for morale, but we have to be sensible here.
  22. I expected that sort of response. It's what happens when someone struggles to change their view even when evidence is presented. Cool behaviour. Don't say you don't have the time to read it, you've 12000 posts on the forum, and you responded immediately. If you think that working out if what you think is correct, or at least has some basis in reality is a waste of time, more fool you tbh. I've given you my best shot. “Life is too short to spend your precious time trying to convince a person who wants to live in gloom and doom otherwise. Give lifting that person your best shot, but don’t hang around long enough for his or her bad attitude to pull you down.”– Zig Ziglar
  23. Significant contributions. Let's get through it. Game by game, and I'll show you what he's done this season. IMPACT wise. Coventry: START Drawing when he came off. 1-0 after. Reading: SUB Losing to Losing. 0-1 when he was on. Rotherham: SUB Losing to Losing. 0-0 when he was on. Millwall: START Lost, played full. Preston: START Losing when he came off. 0-0 after. Luton: START Losing when he came off. 1-1 after Preston: SUB Winning to Winning. 1-0 when he was on. Norwich: SUB Losing when he came on. 0-0 when he was on. Derby: SUB Losing when he came on. 0-0 when he was on. Brentford. START Losing 3-1 when he came off 1-0 after. Cardiff. START Losing 0-2 when he came off 0-0 after. Watford. START Lost played full. Reading. SUB Losing when he came on. 0-0 when he was on. Middlesbrough. SUB Winning when he came on. 0-0 when he was on. Swansea: SUB Winning when he came on 1-0 after. Bournemouth: SUB Losing when he came on. 0-0 after. Birmingham: START Won played full game. Blackburn: START Draw, played full game. What's the point of all this? He the player, doesn't affect games that much. He's not a significant contributor. He doesn't win us points or games. It's a team game, of course, but is he really making a difference individually? The point about Morrell is, that very little would change, and we wouldn't have had to spend the money on Massengo. Even if you think Morrell is crap and doesn't affect games, it won't change much about our season. When Massengo starts we're W2 D1 L6. Of the wins, one of which was a draw when he came off. And we never got a worse result after he came off. Not even a worse score line! That should tell you something! Is that the top half (13th) form you were talking about? W2 D1 L6? But really it's W1 D2 L6 . 7 points from 27? 5 from 27? When he comes on as a sub. At no point have we gained extra points. Now a lot of his appearances are very late. but that's the point, it's not a significant contribution. We did score twice when we were already winning games when he was on! If you want to desperately cling to something! ! Lets include all the sub appearances and just the end results. It's 16 points from 18 games. That's 0.888 recurring points a game. times that by our number of games (37) = 32.8 recurring. 33. where would that put us? I mean I assume even you would know that 21st isn't top half. So let's just do game states when he plays at all. So if we score 1-0 even if we're already winning it counts as a win for him. We'll try to give him extra points to skew it. W3 D9 L6. 18 points from 18 games! Is that the top half form you're talking about? 1 point per game would also put us STILL 21st. The idea that he's a significant contributor to performance or our position as a top half championship team in 13th isn't really true is it? "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts" - Daniel Patrick Moynihan If I actually have miscounted a score line here or there, apologies. I'm not intending to deceive, it's not worth it, someone will check and prove me wrong. I'll use the same criteria to judge Morrell. Morrell has 10 appearances. 5 Start 5 subs. So his 5 starts result in W2 D2 L1. So 8 points from from 15. So that's better than Massengo. When he goes off in those starts it's 2W 2D 1L so that's 8 from 15, better rate than Massengo. 8 points from 5 games, They'd be 5th on 59 points if if continues like that! Small sample size of course. Wait is 5th in the top half? Oh it is! Nice! He has 14 points from 10 games that he's played in, so that's also better than Massengo. And in game states. 2W 4D 4L. 10 points from 10. 1 point per game. Same as Massengo. So it looks like that Morrell does about the same or better per game as Massengo? But Luton are a terrible bottom half team and you know it! So why has Morrell done this in a much worse team than us, yet Massengo has worse/same in a better team? There is a serious point to be made regarding the teammates and that Massengo has played when there's a lot of injuries. But he's not a difference maker, that's the point there. Him being available hasn't made us win games. This isn't to prove that Massengo is crap, or Morrell is great, I think they're roughly the same player. It's to point out that there's not much between them, so you have to consider value if you're trying to build a squad to get us up. One is 19, one is 24, but the aim isn't to assemble the squad with the most potential, it's to win football games and get promotion. There's little to no drop off in results when these two players play for their teams so value matters. (Obv will make the point we don't have wage numbers). Is the drop off from Morrell to Massengo £2.5+ million? But but Massengo is 19! Where's the guarantee we'll see his "potential" at City? It's about winning now, inside of a financial structure. Massengo isn't helping us with value or play. He's ok btw, I don't hate him, just I'm not wowed by him. If he turns out to be a superstar and leads us to promotion, great, if we sell him for megabucks! great. I'd be delighted to be wrong about him.
  24. We're literally one place ahead of Luton. Um you might need to go check what 24/2 is to understand which half of the table we're in. Until recently he was struggling to get game time until Vyner and Nagy both got concussions.
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