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  1. Probably be one of the most awful games you could watch anything against Preston is likely to be woeful 1-0 either way and Preston players likely to be falling over and time wasting from the 3rd minute
  2. England now out of this game there's only one winner from here
  3. Oh dear vyners playing just don't think he's up to it at championship level
  4. Swansea were a poor side to get nothing out of that game was very disappointing
  5. We just buckle near the end of games
  6. Oh dear here we go you just know what's going to happen
  7. Gerd Muller great German striker when football was great
  8. They were fine against a poor blackpool but against a better boro side they were left wanting Vyner is at best a league one player and if he stays in the team thats where we may end up
  9. I like 3 points but don't see that coming anytime soon unless I get caught speeding
  10. This rebuild may well be in league one hopefully not we got a point of a very poor Blackpool Pearson played for a 1-0 when we should of tried to kill the game off
  11. It would probably be an awful 0-0 with no shots on target
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