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  1. I'm struggling to see 3 worse sides think Blackpool will go back down roll on the Pearson revival
  2. If city finish 5th from bottom that will be a big success
  3. Sadly Southgate was safety first we were lucky to get to penalties the better team won sadly a home tournament bottled
  4. And ally mcleod Scotland manager what are you going to after the world Cup he replied retain it
  5. He went in to do him and got what he deserved pillock
  6. Probably only a matter of time before a game is in danger of being called off
  7. Italy reserves look far better than Englands first choice eleven
  8. John Hartson what a dreadful pundit
  9. Crikey Wales could have been 3 or 4 down
  10. Something very bristol about today chokers
  11. This team will probably draw with the Czechs and get easily beaten by France
  12. That's the reason Southgate should not be manager totally useless
  13. What a terrible game and the performance from England absolutely dire
  14. With Southgate in charge we are going no where that was absolutely woeful
  15. God I don't think Gareths england could cope with this Italian side
  16. I thought you could only be offside if the ball went forward that decision did surprise me
  17. Man city home 24th January 1975 Friendly game on a Friday night
  18. Perhaps they could insert a footballing brain
  19. Mings is woeful accident waiting to happen
  20. Time to call up another right back
  21. He's a violent thug certainly doesn't deserve to be in that side
  22. How to cheat and win a penalty awful decision
  23. Good luck Brentford hopefully we will still be in the championship in two seasons time and give you your guaranteed 3 points at Ashton gate
  24. Looking set to lose by an innings and 200 runs
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