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  1. What are you even talking about? You seem to have contradicted yourself with your own posting.
  2. Just for once, all those who like posting negative comments STFU. Keep the faith. Believe that 3 points will happen today.
  3. I know it isnt the same situation, but I was merely illustrating how change often has an outcome which didnt achieve what was intended. There was no reason not to retain Rowett, but they knew best.
  4. Just goes to show that changing horses in mid stream isn't often the answer. In fact in Birmingham's case, they were fixing a problem that wasn't there. 2 wins in 22 for Zola, but I'd bet there would have been people welcoming him as the new messiah here because he was a big name. And as for Tony Mowbray, having a hand in two relegated clubs in one season (if Blackburn go) would be an unusual achievement. Better the devil you know as my old mum used to say. Mind you, her and Lucifer were close.
  5. Wonderful opener from Tammy. Not a scorpion, but a lovely flick from behind all the same!
  6. And they say you can't teach a stupid young dog new tricks. Think Barbara Woodhouse must be mentoring him now. But whatever the reason, thank God the penny finally dropped.
  7. Well I must admit to being pleasantly surprised. Starting a game with two strikers with over 40 goals between them at least gives the opposition something to think about. I just hope that Tomlin has been told to give the ball to Taylor if we get a penalty.
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