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  1. Iv watched football all of my life like alot of you i imagine and have never seen so many medical emergencys at football games maybe a copul a year but seems to be more than a copul every month very strange
  2. Last 2 games were on hesgoal.com free of charge for anyone not willing to pay for it or simply cannot afford
  3. So according to this we done pritty well only letting manure score one goal with 19th and 25th best players in the world upfront!! How theyre both above allison possibly best kepper in the world shows its not a fair way of deciding best players
  4. Does now tv really cost £34 a month? A pay £43.50 a month for sky q sky sports and movies with the black friday deals they got going on
  5. Thanks @Edge1981 and @Prinny Hopfully walsh's injurys is taking longer than expected be gutted if he left without having a good run in our team
  6. Another nice watch if yoir into these things anyone no who number 65 is? Seen a bit later aswell during the second one touch game with a nifty back heel
  7. Big headed, arrogant and not the sort of person to care about the English pilot, obviously that's just going off of how he goes about himself on the pitch which obviously isnt enough to judge someone properly
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