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  1. Root plays as if it's a 20/20?? 1st test 2(7) & 26 (86) 2nd test 15 (80) & 87 (194) 3rd test 4 (16) & 19 (88) Would prove you are factually incorrect. Prior is in a terrible run of form, but when on song could easily take games away from teams quickly; a trait that people were always very complimentary about. Now it's not working people are quick to shoot him down for his style of batting. Australia's version of broad, Johnson - bats at 8 and is very aggressive. It just hasn't worked for England this tour and really clicked for Australia. Australia's most successful 2 batsmen this series have been warner and haddin. Both very aggressive and attacking batsmen. I personally feel Englands top order have been too defensive and let Australia dictate. The Aussies tore swann apart, whilst our lot just let Lyon bowl at them all day without putting him under pressure. England's best partnership of the series so far was bell and stokes, Who both put the convicts under a little more pressure by being a little more expansive (not 20/20 style but not just sat blocking/ leaving half volleys) Getting rid of Cook and flower is not the way forward. Regroup and go again.
  2. Costly costly drop from Carberry. He really needs to cash in now. Big day needed from kp & bell. One of them needs to go very big, with help from prior as well. Why don't our tail sneak a quick 50 like Harris??
  3. Had a feeling Stokes would come in at 6, but I feel this really does weaken the batting line up. A very vulnerable batting side right there, lots of pressure on Cook, kp and bell to score runs. Prior is disastrously out of form and I think root could well be exposed at 3. Not overly confident about this!
  4. http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/Stadium-revamp-kick-early-year/story-20077015-detail/story.html Work may start in the new year?!
  5. Considering he was signed from Crewe and came without an agent, I'd be amazed if he was on half of that! I personally think he should be offered a new deal making him the highest paid player in the squad...
  6. Bristol City: Gerken; Carey, Nyatanga, Fontaine; Orr, Johnson, Skuse, McAllister; Clarkson; Saborio, Aygemang. Subs: Hartley, Elliott, Collis, Williams, Sproule, J.Wilson, Sno. Mentions were going with long ball tactics. Happy days!
  7. agree, you don't realise how big an influence he is, until he is off the pitch!! 1. Carey 2. Elliot 3.Mcindoe
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