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  1. For Cod's sake, what a load of Pollocks. Who will be the sole survivor? I'm a bit shell-shocked by all this. Stop carping on you're all giving me a haddock. I can't stand all these fishcious rumours. If DH is HC and not CH then it won't be turtle disaster. Sir Steve to you (hopefully). Thanks, see you tomorrow on the box. I think we all need to take a break! Take a deep breath and log back in Monday.
  2. We all want Hughton but we have something called COVID at the moment, income will be drastically reduced. It’s SL’s call, a tough decision to be made. I just can’t understand some of the very negative comments & hysterics on this Forum, very sad.
  3. I have a confession – I’ve been a voyeur on this Forum, reading the comments on here and scared of making any comments myself due to the habit of members insulting each other & I certainly don’t want to to offend anyone. Why Dean? My heart wants Chris Hughton but my head say’s Dean. I believe LJ should have gone back in February, the football being absolutely dire & the first time in nearly 50 years of supporting the City I found myself walking away from the Gate 20 mins before the final whistle. However, we are where we are. Under normal circumstances, Yes Chris Hughton would be ideal but these are no normal circumstances. Due to COVID, the club are letting 40 staff go, a third of the total workforce. Add to that the possibility of no FANS being allowed in the ground for say, the complete 20-21 Season, then a lot of clubs are going to be under extreme Financial pressure. It would be insensitive of the Club, I believe to award a multi-million £ contract to a new head Coach. I guess they realise that. Add to the fact Dean had the team playing in a much more attacking way during the last few games & was we all agree I think, a much more enjoyable watch, then yes under the current climate he deserves a crack of the whip. The ‘Cheap Option’? Maybe yes and it carries risk but so would the appointment of Chris Hughton as any financial advisor would tell you when buying shares, past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance.
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