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  1. Chris Hughton was high on the OTIB list a while ago! As was Mick McCarthy!
  2. There are quite a few who were in the Prem but who have dropped well below us, even with parachute payments.
  3. Many others have passed us in the other direction and some of those with points deductions for poor financial management.
  4. ........and the amount of money he's pissed away on a crappy stadium, and a shitty training ground??? Should have got in someone like they did at Horfield!
  5. Left (and Terry Connor) by mutual consent!
  6. Confirms my opinion of many more of your posts!
  7. I believe that you and GJ had somewhat of a disagreement. I don't remember that being posted on the OS. Are you able to confirm that it was genuine......or not?
  8. Didn't get there by your knowledge and expertise in football either then!
  9. Why a new thread? Should be in Swansea v Cardiff thread!
  10. Nige is the bloke that is still picking him though, even though you might never want him to pull on a City shirt again.
  11. The fact that they couldn't score more than two, with **** knows how many chances, proves that they were not outstanding in the goal scoring department!!!
  12. I think you need to get your eyes cleaned out. In my opinion, and many of those around me, he was the one player that was causing them any sort of problems.
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