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  1. Doesn’t mention where the gas are on the list as they always seem to have one
  2. But wouldn’t they have been stung by ffp had they not gone up?
  3. It’s days like today we miss Joe Williams, remember in the return fixture how he changed the game when he came on. We need a midfielder who’s legs haven’t gone and who can put himself about as Fulham played through us too many times today
  4. The whole no one likes us we don’t care thing makes me laugh as they clearly do care
  5. We did need to buy a new ticket for the rearranged game although at reduced rate, i was in the dolman for the original game but my seat had already been sold by the time i was able to purchase the new one and ended up in the old enclosure
  6. Not trying to make excuses but Reid did join Cardiff and then do that ridiculous head tapping thing when he signed and some of Bryan’s social media was particularly negative. Although having said that a lot of people forget Bryan was in the away end in that cup game at QPR
  7. Or made a one leg semi at the emirates. Although it is pretty unfair to be knocked out of a cup through no fault of your own whether you’re Leyton orient or Liverpool
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