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  1. For those on twitter Keith Hackett is worth a follow, not frightened to have an opinion
  2. On last again for the third week running
  3. Most of the victim blaming has been the other way round, don’t forget sisu had a toxic relationship with the council and stadium operator which is why their homeless and then with wasps. There’s a common denominator there They need to either build their own stadium or learn to work with the one they currently play in
  4. It’s interesting that Coventry fans believe everything their owners tell them blaming wasps while ignoring Sisu’s track record I’d have thought they’d avoid a points deduction and any penalty they get will likely be suspended but it’s in their interest to work with wasps as they’re going to have a fixture pile up before long
  5. Finally received my season card this morning minus the presentation box and free gift. Granted it was only a key ring but it doesn’t say much for Huboo’s ‘award winning order fulfilment’
  6. There’s a 2250 from High Wycombe that arrives at Marylebone at 2317 and it takes 5 minutes on the bakerloo line to Paddington
  7. In fairness the lack of Avanti services only really affects those coming from London. If you’re coming by train from Bristol, there’s services to Blackpool from Manchester Piccadilly roughly every 45 minutes And for those London based, you can take a LNER or Grand Central service to York and there’s an hourly service from there. Granted it’s not ideal but you will get to enjoy the Yorkshire countryside There’s no strike action scheduled currently and the unions are required to give 14 days notice, so if it hasn’t been called by this weekend you’ll be alright
  8. I’m using real times trains because i work in the industry. It won’t be shown on journey planners as the connection time at Birmingham officially is 15 minutes but at 2300 shouldn’t be an issue. Alternatively if you take that 2141 and stay on till Birmingham you’ll have a more leisurely connection onto the 2310
  9. I see Coventry are refunding all home tickets sold and making it pay on the day. What could possibly go wrong
  10. There is an option of getting the train back to London from Burton changing either at Tamworth or Birmingham but not getting back to Euston until around 0100
  11. Don’t the big Spanish clubs usually sell their training grounds to local councils for ridiculous figures as their usual means of staving off bankruptcy
  12. Surely the problems with police approval and staffing would still exist
  13. Coventry seem to be doing a good job of playing the victim but it was the actions of their owners who caused them to lose their share of the stadium Wasps then bought the stadium from the local council
  14. Is unlikely as Coventry already have todays game to reschedule
  15. The only way we could realistically host would be behind closed doors at the training ground given it has to be played this midweek as we’ve both got games next midweek and the week after it’s the second round and they’d need police approval and staff at short notice Coventry may well decide it’s not worth the hassle and forfeit
  16. He was mainly consistent however their number 4 already on a yellow card committed a second foul similar to ones others had been booked for and kept his card in his pocket
  17. On last again and even behind a goalless bore draw
  18. The speakers were fine until the ground filled up and then it was effectively useless. So it probably tests fine whenever people complain as that’s not when there’s an issue and then it’s not easy to test when the ground is full
  19. Thing is they’re either ignoring or forgetting why wasps are there in the first place and it’s because of their owners. Also it appears that the commonwealth games actually have exclusive access until the 14th and they agreed to end it early to accommodate Coventry, now I’m sure Coventry weren’t told a week ago ‘oh btw there’s going to be some rugby but it shouldn’t be a problem’ Could we offer to host but at the training ground and stream it?
  20. Their game tomorrow has been called off, be interesting to see what happens regarding the cup game
  21. Coincidentally i just chased mine up for a second time and was told they were sending out e-tickets later on today
  22. Isn’t he now the coach for championship referees
  23. So now just the 3 against in his in the last four games he’s referred us with none for us
  24. Looked like a foul that’s given anywhere on the pitch except the penalty area
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